26 September 2016

St. Regis Singapore - Luxury at it's best !!

Alright so this was my 22nd trip to Singapore, you can almost call it my second home now !! Well,  the only difference being this was more of a work trip than a holiday and I was alone ((without my hubby and baby :(  )) Yesssss I missed them both terribly  .........

I was invited by Olay for the launch of their new product (I will be sharing a seperate post on that) for a 1night two day stay at St. Regis Singapore. I had never earlier been to this hotel and was blown away by their hospitality and services.

It is located at Tanglin road, which is about 10-15minutes walk from Orchard road with beautiful interiors and everything else, in fact there is nothing I did not like about my stay over there.

As I got down from the bus, there was a guy greeting me politely and I was handed over an envelope with my name on it while I sat in their bar sipping water (whole group was told to wait for some 5 minutes while they got our luggage down and arranged for our check in) , which had my room key inside it. I was really excited and was planning on to get a little nap before getting ready for the event but we were only given about an hour, and that was quite a stress.

So, here are a few pictures , or you can say the only ones I managed to take on day 1.

This is an Executive deluxe room, and below is the description :-

1. 538 sq ft


3. Personal butler ( hell, yeah )

4. Luxurious bathroom

I even had complimentary access to Remede Spa's wet lounge, which I could not find time to utilize, this all was sufficient enough to make me feel like a happy child. But guess what 3 days before my travel, I received an email from them for upgrading my room to a Penthouse room by only paying a little more amount. Isn't that amazing ?? 
I mean who buys a penthouse for such a short stay, but I had the chance to and I could have only if my family had joined me on this trip, but my bad as we still had not got Nia's passport done.    :((

Though Yogish insisted me upon upgrading, I just did not find it worthy enough with myself roaming about like a little ant in a mansion.

I would totally recommend it to you guys if you ever happen to travel Singapore and stay at St. Regis coz you are not going to regret it.
I had called the personal butler once for creating a bubble bath for me and once to get my stuff packed, and trust me he did a wonderful job, but I do regret forgetting to tip him for such dedication to his task.

You might find it crazy but I had gone to Singapore with 1 small luggage and a handbag but I happened to come back with 4. It is because of a few things I shopped for my family but also coz of a little makeup storage box we received at the Olay Miracle boost event as a gift.

Lesson learnt, even if it's a night trip one must carry a medium sized bag and if it's more than a day or two don't forget to carry a large bag.

Do not miss out on reading my next post where I will be disclosing about the newly launched product  by Olay and it's benefits.

Happy monday guys !!

love, Kanchan

16 September 2016

Brows by Benefit ......

Last week I had gone to attend this Brow Transformation Workshop at Sephora and I have to tell you guys it indeed was an informative one. I have never been the "eye-brow pencil kinda girl", it's only since last few months that I started to shape by eye-brow a bit after so many people told me to and also because I loved my makeup (brows) for my maternity photoshoot.

The workshop basically was to teach how we can use different products by Benefit to shape and enhance the brows. It was done using mainly 4 products and the end of using them I really did understand the importance of doing brows when you do your makeup.

Here are the pictures of the products we used, and then I will tell you how each of it helps in transforming brows.

First product that she used was - GOOF PROOF BROW PENCIL (available in 6 shades) which has a teardrop tip that instantly shapes, defines and fills brows. Its waterproof and 12-hour wear formula. You must know the 3 parts of eyebrow - Start, Arch n End before trying to do your eyebrows.
There is a unique way of measuring that and then how light or dark the brow pencil needs to be applied at 3 of these parts.

Second product is READY, SET, BROW clear brow gel which holds brows in place and keep them perfectly polished around the clock with its invisible setting gel. Its 24-hour wear and has a custom dual sized wand.

Third product to be used was GIMME BROW volumizing eyebrow gel it's also their award winning product. It mimics the look of real hair for fuller-looking brows, builds easily for thick, full arches and can really help girls like me with not a very-thick eyebrow. It is water resistant and enriched with conditioning vitamin B5 and marshmallow extract.

Last product was HIGH BROW GLOW which is an eyebrow highlighting with creamier and blendable formula that instantly illuminates and visibly lifts brows. Its champagne-pink shade with an eye catching luminous finish accentuates arches, makes eyes pop and gives the brow area a lifted, wide-eyes look.

After applying these 4 products in right way I did love how my eyebrows looked so attractive and beautiful and I am definitely going to spend in these and lift up my brow game.

Until next time, have a great week !!

love, Kanchan

8 September 2016

Dealing with the post-pregnancy weight !!

Hello new mommies, is the post-baby weight bothering you? Are you looking for the right diet chart to look fit again? Well, I have a few tips for you all, not very hard to follow but just general facts based on my experience and process of reducing it for last few weeks.

First of all, I would ask you all to just love your body, coz it was no joke to create a whole human being inside you and bringing him into this world healthy and safe. Recovering takes about 1-2 months and it depends from person to person and most importantly on whether you had a normal delivery or a C-section. It will take time and effort to loose those extra cals you gained while your husband went to fulfill all your crazy cravings during the pregnancy (chocolate cake/waffles/burgers/fries).

I have been really worried for sometime regarding my weight and the fat I had put on, but then I also know that the priority for the few months is not loosing weight but eating the right food to produce the best milk for your baby. And we Indians have this weird logic of eating lots of fat induced milk and dairy products to remain healthy for yourself and the baby. I have been given lots of ghee, milk, dry fruits and what not, but then I had to be strict on myself and control on all the bad stuff and begin on the right ones.

                                       Things to expect in the first month :-

1. Sleepless nights - with hardly 2-3 hour sleep for the first 2 weeks and a little later the baby might develop a sleep pattern.

2. Breastfeeding - You will be nursing for most hours of the day, sometime you would not know why the baby is crying wether it's for milk/ or she is feeling hot/cold or she just needs to sleep on your laps.

3. Messed up look - Don't expect yourself to look pretty and perfect all the time, so it's just fine to tie your hair up in a bun and wear the most comfy loose clothes with buttons(Nursing).

4. Eat healthy food, and drink at least a glass of milk everyday.

5. Do not exert yourself too much and take as much rest as you can, and make sure you sleep whenever the baby sleeps, else you will never be able to sleep ever.

6. Discomfort in the first 5-6 weeks and pain, which will take time but you need to worry coz you will be given pain-killers for that.

7. Take all your leftover vitamins, pro-biotics and iron tablets if you have been advised by your doctor, infact I have been told by mine to finish up all, as it is important to not catch any infections at this point as I am nursing.

Second month everything gets a bit easier both for you and the baby, in terms of nursing and sleeping. This is the time when you have also recovered well from the surgery or delivery and you can now bring changes into your lifestyle and diet.

                               Tips to help fasten the weight loss process :-

1. Breastfeeding is the best and fastest way to help you shed post-baby weight and I can say it after I have myself seen my weight drop in mere 2 months of time. You must do it for as long as you can, and at least for the first 6 months, it will connect you with your angel and create that precious unbreakable bond for life.
But I cannot deny the fact that breastfeeding will  help you shed weight faster as compared to pumping, but you just have to find the convenient option for you and it will all be fine.

2.  Pay no heed to the old sayings of having milk ten times a day, if your baby is hungry you are bound to produce milk and it does not need an artificial push at all. I have seen and heard people taking various drinks or cookies to help them produce more milk, but I am glad to say I have not taken any of that stuff yet and it has been a smooth journey for me.

3. Once your doctor advises you can start walking and mild activities to help you bring into your normal routine. I would not ask you to start running on the treadmill or start lifting weight but walking is no harm. It's been 2 months since Nia was born and on my last appointment my doctor has advised me to start walking/swimming or yoga if I want to. And I am so happy and relieved to hear that if not too much I can start with basics as my body had been resting too much and I must bring it into usual form.
Yep, I have started going to gym now...... :)

4. Take lots of green veggies (though I don't), fruits, oats and nuts to produce more milk and avoid too much carbs in your diet. Even rice needs to be taken in limited quantities once in a while, and you can smile for a bonus - coz you can have coffee now but not more than a cup/day.

5. Last but not the least listen to your motherly instincts and follow what your heart says you to do.

Share some more tips with me on how you shed the weight and what was your diet like, I sure need more motivation.

Until next post, have a great week !!

xo, kanchan

6 September 2016

King of Mascara's

Have you tried to make your lashes look long and pretty, and in that process you spent too much money in search of the best mascara?? I'm sure all of us have once or more bought different brands of mascara and after not getting the desired results, jumped onto some other brand.
It took me a while too, to find the perfect mascara I have wanted and have loved it to the core, it's only been about two weeks since I have been using it, and I would recommend it to you all without a second thought.

It's none other than most talked about Mascara by Benefit called "ROLLER LASH". I have heard only good things about it but I always used Dior look by Dior, and have truely loved it, coz I don't want my lashes to look too big and fake, I'm not gonna lift my shopping bags on it anyways. Also I'm not the falsies kinda girl, and anytime would love to just apply mascara and go out and about.

Recently I was in sephora for Skin transformation workshop by Erborian and after it was over, what I did?? Obviously,  roamed about in search of a lipstick shade different from what I already have and newly launched products. And I had to drop by the Benefit counter as I was finished with my mascara and was strongly willed to try out something from their brand.
 I guess you all would agree it's not easy enough to not buy anything if you are near or inside Sephora, it's like this powerful magnet for us girls, attracting us like we are those tiny silver nails. ....what simile..lol

I came across this amazing deal, wherein I got two mascara's by just adding a tiny amount to what I was anyways going to pay, this pack has one actual size and a travel-sized Mascara, and I couldn't help but buy.

Features :-  Hook'n'Roll brush - patent-pending hook design & position catches, lifts and curls
                            Full size & free mini

                            Instant curve setting formula holds for 12 hours

                            97% said it visibly lifts lashes

                            87% said it gives long-lasting curl   

What I loved about this Mascara is its' application wand is really made curvy to curl your lashes without a lot of effort, and on one application only it made my lashes look long, curled and pretty.
I applied it twice for a little dramatic effect and it did wonders to my eyes, I have never loved my makeup so much, as I loved it after using this mascara with a little black eye liner.

Plus you get a travel sized mini mascara which is so cute and tiny, that can travel with you anywhere you go, not only in your purse but even your pocket wouldn't mind giving home to it.

And you don't have to worry about the wand as both have the same size so it is not going to affect your lash game at all. I have shared a picture of me applying it for you to have a little more insight into what I mean when I talk about it's curling power and it's just with one time application you guys !! Isn't it really powerful and amazing ??

After about two weeks of using it, all I can say is I love it and it's going to be my staple makeup product for life.

Go try it if you haven't yet, and buy this pack, thank me later :)

xo, Kanchan

1 September 2016

Tangy Orange ... !!

Have you ever dreamt of something for a long time ?? And when you finally see it coming, doesn't it seem like an illusion?And it makes you happy and content in life. I have always thought of finding my true love, just like any other girl,  someone who would love me unconditionally for what I am, and have a perfect marriage and I was lucky to have found it 5 years back and marry the man of my dreams who is my best friend too.

And now I have the sweetest baby girl ever, who is the apple of our eyes and we would do anything to see her happy in life. I thank God every single day for blessing me with such a wonderful family and keeping us all together bound in the most precious thread of love. One must always dream, for they do come true if your efforts are genuine and you really work towards achieving it. I had nothing to do when we moved to Malaysia, except sitting at home and watching TV all day long or go to new malls and shop, after sometime it all became monotonous. I looked for a change, something that can keep me happy and busy at the same time and then one fine day I started writing this blog, which was not too much seen/read but now when I look back I feel I did the right thing of following my passions in life - Writing and Fashion. It definitely needed a lot of patience, creativity and obviously my husband's support, which I got more than I wished for. 

Next goal is to shed off the baby weight soon, any tips ????

Soon it's going to be 2 years of   SAPPHIREZIVA   and I am so proud of myself that I pulled it off, even though I was a little less active for last few months due to my pregnancy and now I have a little baby to take care of, but I keep pushing myself to write more often, create good content for you all and just inspire you in one or the other way.

Thank you for all your comments/support and love, it means so much to me :) and gives me strength and motivation to be myself and offer you better content to read about.

Dress : H&M  /  Bag : Michael Kors
Sunnies : Rayban  /  Flats : Padini Authentics
Bangle : Kate Spade  /  Lips : Sephora

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24 August 2016

Blogger Babes Workshop by Clozette

Hey all, it's been a while since my last post, quite obviously the reason being me busy with my baby girl and the very little time I get is gone in snoozing. Last saturday I finally stepped out for an official event after Yogish insisted me to but agreed and I was a little less restless as Nia's grandparents are here with us to take care of her.

The only thing that was a bit hard to manage was the time of the workshop, it was supposed to start at 9:30 in the morning, and everyone had to reach at 8:45 for the registration and to make that happen I had to start getting ready around 8 after feeding my baby and leave early as the venue was about 15-20minutes drive from our place. But no worries, coz I managed to be ready in a new off shoulder top that I bought recently and just put on the pants actually the only pair of pants I fit presently(New as well), quick makeup and after a long hug, a few hundred kisses and goodbyes to Nia, I even left a ton of instructions for the people at home. Could'nt help the MOMMY NATURE though and told them to keep me updated, infact I ended up creating a what's app group named "Nia's updates" for them to answer me more promptly. lol
Trying to shed the post-pregnancy weight, any tips ???? Oh and I just realized while uploading the pictures, I even forgot to pull out the tag off my sandals, not lazy just too busy and lost in the world of diapers. 

I left with my dad in Uber as my hubby was out for a cricket match, though I really wanted him to drive me to the Venue, and may be we could have had a little coffee date afterwards, but he was going to play after a long time and was quite excited about it, so I did not force him much.

Top : H&M  /  Bottoms & Sandals : Marks & Spencer
Bag : Charles & Keith  

Struggling through the traffic and thinking about Nia the whole time I reached the venue around 9:15am did the registration at the counter and took a few pictures with my friends. I got the opportunity to meet 2 new members of Clozette this time named - Tisha and Lystra who work as editor and writer with them. And I was happy to see Kersie after almost an year who is one of the creative directors and co-founders of Clozette and we got NICE time to catch up on a little talk about blogging, work and also about our family , as me being a new mom is always looking for tips on baby care, and trust me it's NEVER ENOUGH. She was so humble and sweet, I have never met such a vibrant personality before and love how she manages work/travel and her 3 kids so perfectly, NOT an easy job dude !! Cheers to that :)

It was a lovely interactive session and the special guest was the Malaysian blogger turned you tuber - Charis Ow who told everyone about her journey and achievements till today and she is definitely going to be more successful in the You tube world. Kersie Koh shared how she created clozette and what was the main force behind it and how bloggers could use that as an example for building their own brand. Lystra (the one on left with long hair) shared a few tips on creating stories for fashion/beauty/lifestyle and how to make it look interesting to your followers.

Clozette is an amazing platform for all those who are interested in fashion and lifestyle and you can create a free account over here and stay updated about the new happenings in fashion and beauty world, shop some amazing stuff and a lot more.

The session ended with chit-chats and alot of photos at every corner and I left after bidding goodbye to my blogger friends and everyone else. I had to reac home at earliest, I was getting anxious to see NIA and just hug her close to me just to let her know how much I missed her while I was away. The evening was a little busy as I also attended the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2016 for Eclispe by Sonny San which was running late, so we all went to the mall where it was taking place, and left as soon as it got over.  SIGH !!

I will be sharing about my busy life later in the upcoming post, till then have a great week you guys.


5 August 2016

June Favorites .....

A few of my favorites from last few months from the brands I trust and have been using for a long time. I have always tried to pick the best shampoo/conditioner for my hair because I have always believed in taking care of my hare the best way I can, and yes I do follow the advise my grandmother has passed on to me.
Earlier I have shared an article on how I take care of my hair, you can read it here - HAIR CARE BASICS and I will say it again for you all to regularly oil and wash them. Recently I chnaged my shampoo from L'oreal to Lakme because I felt my hair drying up during pregnancy, might be coz I did not take care of them while I was dealing with my sickness, the only care I took was weekly hair wash at salons, and a hair spa every fortnight. And it is obvious that the heat treatment at salons only make your hair dry though temporarily smooth, though I did I would not allow you to go for it until you need it for  a function or so.

Lakme k.therapy repair shampoo & conditioner 

I would definitely suggest you to buy this shampoo and totally recommended for dry and frizzy hair that turn bad due to various treatments, I have been using them for over a month now and absolutely love it.

L'oreal Hair Spa 

The best when it comes to pampering yourself with a creamy hair spa at home resulting into soft and silky hair. Have trusted it for years and will advise you to try it too. Thank me later girls :)

The Body Shop 

My favorite flavour in cocktails since I remember has been - Pina Colada and how could I not buy it when my trusted skincare brand released it's range. Love the aroma of it, and the body butter is my constant companion before I go to bed. Go get it of you too are crazy for fruity smells like me !!


The most amazing skin oil I came to use while I was pregnant, a must have for all those who are planning to get pregnant, the best part being it can be used even after the delivery to keep your skin soft, supple and marks free. I did feel the change in my skin texture after I applied it. Try for yourself and let me know how you liked it !!

These are few of the products I used and loved for last few months and have a few more too to share, that shall be seen in the future posts soon. Hope you took part in the FRIENDSHIP DAY GIVEAWAY on my Instagram here and followed me too :)

You can leave your comments below if you would like me to share any specific kind of post regarding fashion/lifestyle or a beauty product, I would love to :)

xo, Kanchan