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19 March 2018

Lessons we learn... !!

It is not everyday that you face something least unexpected and you were not prepared for it? Situations just occur to us and we have to make the decision on the spot and not only is draining but scary to act upon.

You guys know how much of an emotional person I am and once if I love someone or be friends with, there is nothing that would make stop caring for him/her unless the trust is played upon.
I am always learning from experiences and that is what life is all about and every person or everyday has something to teach us - sometimes we see it and sooner than the disaster strikes and rest of the times it just takes you by a storm.
Something similar happened on 17th of March when I was traveling back from Phuket to KL with my cousin and it took us by surprise.
Pallavi - from India was visiting us and me and her went to phuket for a small holiday only to find out they did not allow her to enter Malaysia again and damanded that she be sent to India the same day/night which was 11pm to be precise. Even though she had a multiple entry Visa and that allows her to enter back but was refused to.
After waiting for her after the immigration for sometime I requested to see her as she had no way of contacting me but what's app that would have only worked on WI-FI. I approached the desk and questioned if there wad a problem - they questioned me about i was related to her and why did I even poke my nose into it.
They told me she did not have her Visa and she cannot enter Malaysia anymore. They saw the VISA and very rudely ordered me to book her a ticket right back to India immediately.

It was shocking and I was not able to find out the exact reason of it, not only did they say that but also asked why she had been living only at my house and going places in Malaysia if it is supposed to be a holiday. That is something illogical and inappropriate. I requested them to at least let me take her home for the night while we book the ticket and she could collect her stuff and all of it was DENIED by them.

I tried all I could in my power to have her back for a day and nothing worked and then about 12:30 we finally had to book her ticket way back home. It was mentally disturbing and made me upset that i can not describe in words, and then I was worried for her food/water/sleep and how she would spend the next few hours alone at the airport without  a lot of money and much battery in her phone.
They did not even allow her to step out of the room for food or water and said if I stepped out, I will not be let in again.
I had finished up my Ringgits(Malaysian currency) and was only left with a few Thai baht (currency of Thailand) and so I requested them to atleast let me have them exchanged to buy water and give it to her for later.

There was this old vending machine with a few drinks and thankfully water so I tried to get that for us, only to find out the machine would not accept any notes - but RM 1 and RM5 only. Sadly what I received was 20 and then I searched and asked people for change. But that did not quite go well - WHY?

The dollar went in, never came back and the water bottle never dropped out. And so I again asked the other lady officer in the Immigration office for water and she took another from me and brought a water bottle from Inside and handed it over to me like it was her property she was letting go off.

We could only get the ticket for evening 6pm - because their condition was that it be from the same terminal and Air Asia.. I started feeling bad already thinking she would not be accompanying me home, I would not be seeing her anymore , that she would have to wait at the airport for hours until next 12-13 hours and be alone, and that even though it was her first trip out of India and she came happy and confidently and that now because of this incident she might not like Malaysia ever again.

I hugged her and confessed about my feelings and may be cried a little for all I could do was nothing but to let her go.
I have never felt this helpless in my life ever before and guilty of something I did not do but would never be able to forget for the rest of my life.
When I asked about where she would eat and stay - I was very calmly told "she can sit here" which meant staying in a room for 12hours without food/phone and may be sleep on the chair itself.

I was so badly humiliated by the lady officer who handled her case that I had to request the other official for the permission of taking her home for the night but it was not accepted. As she had told all of them to not let her go anywhere but India and not return for another 3 months or so.

We somehow managed to book her an airport hotel - where she could sleep and rest until the boarding. So I handed over all the money I had, lots of tight hugs, kisses and a sorry and see her go at 2:30am.
I was so broken and upset that I was returning home without her and that she must be feeling the worst at that point and she did not want to return so soon - and definitely not this way.

After I came to the Immigration again to leave from the airport - there was a nice lady and heard my whole story because she wanted to know why I was at the counter again. All she said to me was - depends on officer sometimes. So turned out it was all random and a bad day, and a bad stunt they pulled on us for no real reason.
3:30 am we call Immigration and ask if she could stay at the hotel we booked as we were told so, some one else said she might not be able to INDIA rather be sent to phuket and from there to India.
After searching for that particular person she was at the same office after 2 hours and then finally we were told that she has to leave for India only in the worst possible manner.

She got to the hotel and I told her to rest well after eating - as that was the priority and needed after all the stress she must have been through and that sleep would make her feel better. I came home and slept at 5am and the whole day was worried until she boarded the plane for India.

All of this taught me - to always be strong, carry extra money and cards no matter where or which country you are and be further prepared for the worst things or situations in life.

It has left me with a really bad feeling - and tears is never a solution to anything,  I guess it would make me feel guilty forever.

She finally landed in India last night and is back home safe but I cannot feel better because every time I see her stuff or enter her room I hate it and feel even worse.

It will take sometime for me to get over it and may be never but it did teach me a lot and how me must care of whatever time we have with out loved ones, the moments we spend, let it always be full of laughter so you could look back upon it and smile.
I am happy that she feels okay now and is fine and would love to return back when the time allows.

But I really miss her presence in my home and all the things we did together and specially the fun we had in Phuket.
She has been my favourite and most loved sister since we were kids and she will be forever fav !!

Thank you for reading and it means so much that you guys care and support me.