17 August 2017


Hi everyone, today I am going to share few of my fav photos from our Bali trip 3 years back, reason being - 72nd Independence Day of Indonesia. I just though of sharing a photo related to Indonesia in someway to mark this day special.

For all of you who do not know I have stayed in Jakarta for over 2 years before moving down to Malaysia but it had some really sweet memories attached to it.
I moved to Jakarta right after my marriage, so the very first home that I could call ours was there, that is where we started our life from and created some amazing memories.

I also felt the need to share a few facts about Indonesia if you have never been there, as that was my experience and view after being there for such  a long time.

* Indonesia is a huge huge country with lots and lots of mini islands. Islands of all sizes and shapes with beautiful waters and resorts. Bali being one of the most famous tourist spot and loved location throughout the world.

* Indonesian people are the most polite, kind and sweetest beings on earth, you would never find anybody being rude or odd to you. Weather or not they are associated with you in any way, and they would always smile back at you.

* Indonesia has a wide variety of local food, there are tons of options to choose from, and the street vendors are the most popular ones. Yogish used to go out at midnight sometimes to try his fav dishes at a local vendor on the street, coz he would only start cooking after 9 or 10pm and stay longer.

* Nasi goreng (where Nasi stands for Rice and Goreng means - fried) and Mee goreng (Mee stands for noddles) the two very well known dishes and are always found on the Menu of an Indonesian restaurant, no matter where in the world.
Nasi goreng is fried rice with vegetables, egg, soy sauce, chilli, chicken or prawns and some crispy chips. also called Indonesian stir fried rice !!
Mee goreng is also called Bakmi goreng, a spicy fried noodle dish.
Do not forget to try them both as it is also available for vegetarians and you cannot afford to not try that. Thank me later :))

* Indonesia has a lot of clothing factories as the country is a  large producer of garments, and clothes are exported to countries worldwide. You might usually notice on the labels of clothing - "Made in Indonesia"and that is because they have an amazing cloth quality. Just a simple tee shirt would be so soft and comfortable and trust me it would last for years.

* Indonesia is also a place blessed with magnificent rains and sometimes it even floods the cities for hours, leading to traffic jams lasting upto 4-6 hours or more. Do not rive in the rains, and leaving an hour before for the venue would always help, experience says it.

* Indonesia has a famous cloth/print called BATIK - which is a WAX-RESIST dyeing applied to whole cloth.  Batik print is very famous for clothing/paintings /wall masks and is available in various colors/patterns and designs. You can google the deeper info if you wish to, but never leave Indonesia without a Batik print.

*You would not know - Balinese Hinduism is a form of Hinduism followed by many people in Bali. People worship Brahma, Vishnu and Siva with strong beliefs. A lot of Indian tourists travel to Bali and so you would easily find Indian food at some really good restaurants if you are not a lover of seafood like me.

So that was the things I thought might be useful for you guys, or those who wish to travel Indonesia or any of the islands there in near future. I would love to go back to Bali again and take Nia to places I have been, I am sure she would be happy to see the photos in coming years.

Let me know if you would like to see more photos from our Bali trip and more of the beauty in Indonesia. I would be happy to help and share.
Thanks for reading, have a great day.


15 August 2017

All black everything.... !!

Black is my favorite color (after pink obviously) - not only does it make me look slim but also coz I have not seen anybody who doesn't.
That is the dilemma I go through each time I shop clothing or shoes/bags and if they have both my colors(black/pink) I get so confused and it becomes really hard to pick one. I end up picking more of black when it comes to my tee-shirts and more of pink when it comes to lipsticks or accessories.
So we have a winner - for each category !!

Here are the photos from the weekend we took my niece to a memorial park in KL and yeah, we did a photoshoot coz the location was so beautiful. I am going back there soon for another one.

Tee & Headband : Bershka
Shoes : Zara
Watch : Michael Kors
Bag : Lacoste
Sunnies : Armani Exchange

Nia's outfit : Old Navy 

Which is your favorite color to go ??
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Have a nice week ahead.

7 August 2017

Happiness is the key....

To pretty much everything in life. Isn't it ??
Why do not we see the things that make us happy? and rather focus on things that don't ?
Today I am going to talk about ways or things I do to keep myself happy and motivated everyday, not some huge secrets or philosophical words but just a simple advise from my experience in past few years.

Here are a few tips to be happy even when the situations don't allow ___

 * Being happy is not a phase it should rather be our goal of the day - just like you plan your day and to-do list you should also be planning 1 activity a day that makes you happy. Be it going to the gym, calling your bestie or just listening to music.
I am a lover of music, and everyday I would just play some of my fav songs either when Nia sleeps or while Im working on my articles.

* Look at the positives - Life will give us all kinds of situations - good/better/bad or worst but the way we handle it makes it a whole lot easier and different for us to go through it. Pondering over it would only give you sadness/pain but if you try finding a solution to things, trust me that's where you win over that situation. Sometimes you might not be in the position to solve it, in that case all you have to do is wait for the miracle to happen and sit back and focus on some thing other than that.

* Be thankful - to God for giving you this life and blessing you with the things you already have. It is not a hard thing, every morning after you open your eyes you can just say it in your head and move on with the day. It makes you feel happy and gives you the strength to focus on important things.

* Do not Expect - If you never do you will never be hurt, but if you do expect anything from anybody you are definitely going to feel hurt at the end of the day and that will only add your sadness. Why would you want to be sad in the first place or expect ?? DO YOUR PART AND LEAVE THE REST TO GOD !! That is one thing I have learnt now though it took me time but thanks to my husband Yogish for teaching me this one thing I lacked in.

* Be a kid - because all they do is have fun and smile no matter what or unless jabbed...haha
A kid or baby finds happiness in the tiniest of things and that is what makes them carefree and smile at what ever they see. I do not ask you to smile if somebody falls of their chair or gets hurt but just in general - smile at people you see in the lift/mall/shopping mall, you never know you might end up brightening someone else's day. Joke around, eat an extra slice of cake and go to the park for you are going to feel happy and different from what you have been thinking about getting worried.

Go shopping or bake a cake or go watch your favorite movie and laugh all you can for life is what you live today and not what you think of after years. Hope it helps....

Here's to a happy week and happy you :))
Cheers to life ....
xx, Kanchan

6 August 2017

5 easy ways to nail a Selfie !!

Happy Sunday everyone, hope you'll had a great week and looking forward to another busy one ahead. I wish there were no Monday's and we only had Tuesday's to go to work to until Friday, even though the weekday would still not be a very good feeling.
I just get the weekend to myself, to spend time with Yogish, to get grocery, to do my photoshoots and write a post on my blog....I do wish to sleep but where is the time dude ???

Anyways, I am having quite a rough saturday with Nia being sick and rejecting all food/drink. We are guessing it to be the effects of teething but it breaks my heart to see her like this, when she just sits or  cuddles quietly, she is not even playing around and hardly getting any good sleep. I hope she feels better by Monday.

Coming to today's post which is all about taking a good selfie, question is how ??
Everyone now days takes selfies and literally struggles to get the right one even after a 100 clicks, and then comes the pressure of getting a desirable amount of likes. I have got it all resolved for you, right here by just following these 5 easy steps you could Master the art of taking a Selfie.

1. LIGHTING - Good lighting is the secret to all the good photos be it through a camera or a phone. No matter how beautiful you look, but if the photo cannot do the justice you would not get that much of appreciation or satisfaction yourself looking at them.
Always make sure to find the right area with the most amount of brightness and light before you take a Selfie. I always prefer taking mine under the Sun, coz hey sunlight is the best light.

2. ANGLE - Every time you hold your phone up for a selfie you would always try to find the right position to take the picture. I prefer holding the phone up in the air to get the top shot rather than in front of my face or a level below my chin. Also depends on which part you want to focus, I like the top angle best plus you can cover your outfit also in that way, and makes your face look smaller in selfies. Which is your preferred angle ??

3. LOOK INTO THE LENS - I have seen and experienced it, your selfie would be way better if you are looking into the lens of your phone/camera as compared to the photo where you are looking into your phone at yourself. This is not a a secret but just a very simple thing we forget sometimes while taking a selfie or photo with too many people in it.

4. BACK CAMERA - Most people take a selfie using the front camera and with so many good quality front camera features it is often opted for. But the best selfie comes out with the back camera only. Try it for yourself !! It improves the picture quality to a level and does not require editing you might need in case of a front camera selfie.

5. AVOID PHOTOBOMB - Taking a selfie is an art not everyone can master it, but you can NOW - if you follow these 5 easy tips. Last one being - avoiding a photo bomber in your photo, it is something you have to keep in mind when you are at a public place or a tourist spot trying to capture the monument/architecture or any other object along with you, though it is hard to get rid off. Make sure the people in the background are at a moderate distance far from you if you cannot find an empty spot, and they are not looking into your camera.

                                                 Few of my favorite #SELFIES......

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, and it helps you nail the Selfie Art now.
love, Kanchan

2 August 2017

Nia turns 1 ....

It was only yesterday when I was waiting eagerly for my little girl to arrive with all the curiosity and dreams of motherhood in my mind. I had it all planed from the clothes she would wear for the first time, the words I would whisper in her ears and how I would express my love for her.
And with the blink of an eye she arrived when it was least expected, making our world even more beautiful, giving us the most precious reason to live.

I was in the process of planning her first birthday party for months, but we only had to figure out wether we were going on a family holiday or throwing a party for our friends and family. It would have been a massive affair if it was to be held in India as most of our family and relatives are there. After looking at Yogish's busy schedule and the amount of time I already spent in India last 2 months, celebrating in Malaysia seemed to be the best option.

Luckily we had Yogish's parents and niece travel to Malaysia the day we had planned the party, and that only added to the fun and happiness. It was a small gathering with few of our close friends and family at a restaurant. I had the theme planned and so it was easier to find stuff to decorate it according to the cake colors.
I ordered two customized cakes for her which had to be two of the most fav creatures for her at that moment, and guess what,  she loves a new one lately. haha.... #babylife

The cake we had her cut or say smash on 6th of July (her birthday) was blue in color with a duck topper, because you have no idea how excited she gets merely at the sight of a duck and starts shouting"dack daaack daccckkkk"....Exactly in that order with 100 times of the excitement and voice as high as she possibly could use.
While for the actual birthday party on 8th of July had a pink colored rainbow cake with a Minnie mouse topper, that could be either used as an appetiser or saved as  keepsake. We chose the latter, until one day I found her limbs missing,(and nose) which was consumed by none other than Nia's dad :)  lol I am sure Nia would laugh reading this when she grows up !!

Even though I could not believe she is 1, she makes sure I understand it well now with her bossy behavior and tantrums already. Trust me she picks up her fav rhymes and can forward them on the ipad/iphone if she does not like any of it, she can also hold the phone by herself to facetime her Nani who calls her up every morning, afternoon and night. I am loving this phase of life and looking at her grow up and do a new activity, or say a word everyday makes me the happiest on earth. There is possibly nothing I would exchange this feeling for, she is the apple of my eye and I love her to the core.

It was all my idea.... #selfcredit

As pink as it can get....

Awww, how to not eat you is the question ??

Mom-dad "kinda" pose

Expression after she saw the Minnie Mouse.... :)
And wanted to rip apart from the cake

Excited and happy :)

The only good shot we got, coz she had no patience !!

Darling babe

I would not forget this day ever...she gives me life

Could not get her shoes captured, she wouldn't stay still for a second...

Cutest cake I had ever imagined..finished quackly

Rest is history....

I will try post her video on her YouTube channel - Nia Lad - subscribe to it if you want to see more of her !!
Hope you like the photos as much as we loved clicking them.
Thanks for reading...

xo, Kanchan

31 July 2017

One click to Fashion at Yoins !!

After a busy week of fun with my in-laws and niece it is time to get back to our usual routine. Yogish left early this morning so me and Nia have the day to ourselves. Guess we are just going to relax and get some much needed afternoon sleep.

Before that I have to tell you about this new online shopping website I came through called YOINS .
With our busy life schedules these days, it is not easy to find the perfect costume/dress for an occasion, and then comes your way - Online Shopping facility which makes it a one-click away ride for all your fashion emergencies.

 I am collaborating with Yoins to show you some easy tips to shop and give your wardrobe a makeover. It is an amazing online fashion portal for a girl's needs from - clothes to bags, shoes and accessories.

You can just go to their website  and pick the category you are looking for shopping in - Dresses, tops, bottoms, bags, shoes or jewellery. They have sizes available from Small to XL, clothes made of - polyester/cotton/chiffon/lace etc. , collection for autumn/winter/spring/summer, based on length - short/mini/knee-length/midi , based on neckline, type, details, waist,colors and style.
There is no reason for you to worry or search some other place if you have got everything covered here.

They ship within 7-16 buisness days for US, Sweden, Italy, Austria and many other countries, plus you get the benefit of tracking your orders throughout the process.
Another amazing feature that I liked about them is the POINT REDEEM PROGRAM which makes it easier for you to shop next time around and you can also tag them on your photos to get featured on their social media channels.

Click here for - Fashion Activewear Sale for Women !!

They not only have basic workout tees and bottoms but some amazing pieces to make you look different from the rest and at the same time feel comfortable in while burning calories.

There's also a lovely collection of playsuits here - Fashion Playsuits Online for Women , click to see more of them.

Yoins also provide free shipping worldwide over US$50 - what more could you ask for though ??

I am surely going to pick a few summers dresses from them and a Shoulder bag which is in my
favorite list already.

Here are some of my other favs -

1. Self-tie design mini dress - Perfect for a day out with your girls or shopping and it is available in colors more than you can imagine.

2. Floral print off-shoulder tiered dress - Classy and sexy for a date night !!

3. Red tassel lace-up high stiletto - It would go with a short dress or tee-shirts and denims as well. I am the latter though...

4. Suede look zip closure pointed toe flat sandals - I can wear them everyday all day and the best part is that they would go with anything from casuals to formals or party wear outfit- Bonus again !!

Which is your go-to look for running errands ?? You would always find me in a short dress or tee paired with shorts, comfy and cool !!
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Have a great day, thanks for dropping by.
Love, Kanchan

20 July 2017

Neon vibe....

Hello Wednesday, you have been quite sunny today - do pour some rain now !!
I am a lover of colors and there is nothing else I see when I enter a shopping area, because I feel colors can speak so much about your personality.
I would always prefer a red or a pink over neutrals or earthy browns, rarely would you find that in my closet.
Here's another outfit post showcasing a blend of neon yellow with black and how I styled it !!

Btw I have recently created my own YOUTUBE CHANNEL if you do not know - it's by the name SAPPHIREZIVA.
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I have posted an Introduction video and an SK-II Kit review and will be posting another today.

Show some love :)

Tee : Old Navy similar (here)
Shorts : similar (here)
Heels : Ted Baker more photos (here)
Sunnies : Armani



Hi everyone, today I am going to share few of my fav photos from our Bali trip 3 years back, reason being - 72nd Independence Day of Indone...