26 May 2017

Face and Eyes.....

Hello lovelies, today I am talking about a face and an eye cream that I have been using for past few months. I have been asked about this quite a lot and so I just decided to share my experience of using them to help you pick the right one for your skin.

Estee Lauder as we all know is a huge name when it comes to skincare with their Advanced Night Repair being a best-seller and famous amongst women. I have also tried their night cream which was quite hydrating and nice but a bit pricey.
So this time around I was in Sephora looking for a moisturizer as mine was finished and I really wanted to try out something new from a different brand than my usual one. The girl at the counter showed me this Crescent white cream and told me it was good too which made me buy it. My concern is basically - hydration and brightening so I do not buy the Anti - ageing stuff as of now.

Claims - Fast absorption, brightening formula, prevention of dark spots and improve hydration.

Review - I feel the texture is quite thick, it is milky as it says but I felt my skin becoming too oily everytime I applied it and sweaty T-zone. I had to do my makeup afterwards and felt so sticky on my face that I wish I  could skip that step, but it's a must. As to improving skin tone - I did not feel any difference  at all, have used it for over 5 months now (Of course I won't throw it) but the only job it does is to keep my skin hydrated and the job of a normal moisturizer.

It is pricey, so I would not advise you to buy it before testing it out for your skin. There are many other options and brands to find a good face cream.

L'occitane - a brand that promises to be the best and delivers some really good skincare range of products. I have wanted to try out their eye cream for a long time and I had to buy it to try it.

Again a little expensive if you compare to drugstore brands but delivering what it is supposed to be.
It has a very light texture, nice fragrance and it is totally hydrating. I have used this for a long time and it just got empty last week, so Yeah gonna have to get another one.
What I love about L'occitane is that their range is always infused with are to find flowers which makes the product smell really good.

This eye cream is made with a flower called "IMMORTELLE" which has an exceptional longevity, and does not fade even after being picked. In order to guarantee the highest quality and traceability of this golden flower L'occitane has invested in the very first large scale, sustainable and organic plantation program in Corsica.
The oils of this flower are rich in active molecules that deliver unique anti-aging results.

Review - hydrating, smells amazing, priced average so I can definitely buy it again.

22 May 2017

Mac Studio Water Weight Foundation - Review !!

Hi girls, it's been long since my last product review so here it is - all my fav products from Mac Cosmetics and how I would rate them on a scale of 5 based on my experience.

First thing if you are ever going to buy makeup is to keep in mind to not just pick something because the packaging looks beautiful or it suits some other model/friend does not mean it will be good for you too, you have to try it for yourself and find the prefect skincare/makeup that is most suitable for your skin needs.

I picked up this foundation after the launch and thought it would not be so heavy and will not make my face look caked up coz of makeup, as I do not put makeup on daily basis and if I do I like more of natural coverage.

I did like it's liquid base formula but I just do not like the sticky-ness that it has so I try mixing it with my primer or moisturizer to keep it light.

Rating - 3/5

Below are other of the products I like from Mac cosmetics and what I would recommend to invest in and what not to think about.

Mac makeup fix - It's good and helps your makeup stay longer, I have been using it for sometime and love it.

Rating - 3.5/5

Blush in LOVECLOUD shade is really pretty and perfect for daytime, you just have to be careful of how much you pick on your brush. Too much product can make your face look fake pink and make you sweat as well.

Rating - 3/5

Cleansing Oil - It is the best thing I have used in terms of getting the last bits of makeup out of your skin, and being oily it will not let your skin be dry, just make sure to wash it with a cleanser afterwards.

Rating - 4/5

Mac Loose Powder - Definitely a good product for that final glow on your face, but it is not translucent so a very little would do wonders. It is my go to product after the foundation and it is like a huge amount in a small box.

Rating - 4/5

Mac Studio Perfect Foundation - I use this when I do not wanna wear makeup, it has a medium coverage so the days you wanna go makeup free, this and a lisp stick is the perfect combo. Mascara would not hurt though :)

Rating - 4.5/5

12 May 2017

It's all about Nia.....

Hi mommies, I have got your queries answered here today and worries vanished because I am going to share some really cool and easy to cook food items for your baby. Nis has begun teething and I'm glad to tell she has already got two in her lower jaw and now she loves chewing on things even more than ever before, by that I mean not just food but everything she gets hold of, some of them being  - straw, toys, spoons and what not. She has started crawling all over the place and does not let me rest a moment in the daytime, coz she hardly sleeps in the afternoon now and has me running around the house the whole day, or at least till she finally sleeps around 7 or 8 at night.

So now you know, why I am not so regular on posting, and why all my Insta stories are filled with her jumping over me, or opening kitchen drawers and spilling my water and then spreading it all over the place. Yeah I'M A MOM AND HAPPY :))

She has never been a trouble baby when it comes to eating or trying on different food items, earlier I only used to give her steamed fruits/veggies or anything puree form but lately I started to notice she loves solids, like actual solid to chew on and eat by herself. BABY CHAIR played a very good role in that, as every time we put her into the chair she knows it's meal time and after a few bites she wants to be left on her own, even though she throws some on the floor (she's so good at it) I feel happy looking at her eating on her own and behaving like a grown up.

Teething scares lot of mommies - for the symptoms it comes with but I guess it't not that big of a thing when you see the pros of it. I have been asked by many of my friends about when to start solids or what kind of solids I prepare for Nia , so I just though of sharing them through this post if it does help.

Her daily meals include - Cereal, fruits, vegetables, cooked rice, baby biscuits and milk of course. She also loves eating boiled potato with curd and fresh orange juice is her happiness !!

Mashed banana - love of her life !!

Fruits -  boiled/steamed plain or with yogurt

Try adding a few drops of honey to 1 or 2 of the meals....It helps creating taste !!

Last weekend we went baby shopping, as Nia turned 10 month old on 6th of May, so we took her to baby spa for massage and swimming, clothes and toys were just a bonus (coz her mommy loves too).

Below are the pictures of all I got from Next and H&M - two of my fav stores for her recently.

Which is your fav baby store to shop at ??

Hoping it does not rain today unlike the whole week and I could get a shoot done, with a lunch date with hubby !!

Have a great weekend..
xx, Kanchan

9 May 2017

Water baby for life....!!

Hello wonderful mommies you're doing the most important and greatest job in the world and deserve all the appreciation for that - bringing up your little one's in a friendly-loving environment of your home, catering to all of their needs and providing them with the best of all you can. Skincare is undoubtedly the most crucial part for us and we only would settle for the best in the game, and when I say so, one name that comes to our mind is none other than Johnson's baby !!

I have been using the JOHNSON'S BABY CLASSIC RANGE for quite a long time now and never fail to fall in love with their NO MORE TEARS formula. The other thing that I like about it is the beautiful aroma it has which continues to stay longer making my baby feel fresh at the end of the day.

I am going to share some in depth details about some of my favorites and how it can be the best choice for your baby as well.

Johnson's baby lotion, oil, Top-to-toe wash and baby powder are the ones I use for Nia everyday and I make sure I carry their travel sized bottles whenever we are not home. Nia loves to bathe and being in the pool or tub is the happiest and most enjoyable moment of the day, that she totally refuses to come out of water, and it really becomes a task to get her out and ready. You would know that by looking at her pictures on my blog and Insta stories :)

Johnson's Baby Oil

Helps lock in 10 times moisture to keep baby's skin soft and moisturized. I use it to massage Nia twice a day once before the morning shower and second before she goes to bed.

Benefits : Protects skin from dryness
Pure mineral oil forms a barrier to help prevent excess moisture loss
Clinically proven mild and gentle formula for baby's skin
Dermatologist and allergy tested
Moisturizes baby's delicate skin

Ingredients : Mineral oil, Parfum

Johnson's baby Top-to-Toe wash

#1 choice for hospitals in the U.S specially formulated with  NO MORE TEARS to ensure a happy and comfortable bath time for your baby.

Benefits : Dye-free, soap-free and hypoallergenic
Phthalate-free formula
Adapted for baby skin which is 10 times more sensitive than adults

Ingredients : Water and Glycerine to name a few

Johnson's Baby Lotion

This is my go to product for Nia and there's always a small pack in her baby bag and my bag as well, coz Yeah even I use it at times just to feel that aroma around me.
As a baby's skin loses moisture twice as fast, this lotions ensures that baby's skin is kept nourished and soft.

Benefits : Clinically proven mildness formula designed gentle for sensitive newborn skin
Dermatologist-tested, Pediatrician-tested

Ingredients :Water, glycerin, stearic acid, Mineral oil and many more.

Johnson's Baby Powder

You always need this for that extra baby fragrance which not only surrounds a baby but you as well :)
It's like that Signature baby Perfume universally !! (until they actually start to use one

Benefits : Absorbs excess moisture for silky-soft skin
Helps eliminate friction
Clinically proven to be gentle and mild
Clean, classic scent
Provides soothing comfort
Dermatologist and allergy-tested

Ingredients : Talc, Parfum

Which is your favorite Johnson's baby product? How has your experience been so far ??
I am going to host a giveaway for 3 lucky mothers to win a Johnson's baby hamper containing 4 of their products, it will be open to all the Malaysian residents only, all you have to do is post a photo of yourself with your baby and share a memory of what it was like bathing  their newborns for the  first few times and how you got over that anxiety.

You can buy the products in Malaysia at supermarkets/hyprmarket/pharmacy like - Giant, Tesco, Mydin and Aeon.
Independent - Watsons, Guardian, Caring and Minimarts like 99speedmarts , local provisions stores.

Online - Lazada, Tesco, Watsons and Guardian estores.

More info could be found at - JOHNSON'S BABY MALAYSIA .

Giveaway will start once I declare it on my Instagram account tomorrow, so entries will be considered, till then find the best photo you can.

Goodnight gals...

4 May 2017

Loving the blue....

Playsuit as the word says is a perfect outfit to throw on a lazy, casual day and that is exactly what I did in Singapore and guess what it goes with the hot weather too.

I have been wanting to buy something red or maroon for quite a long time and could not resist buying this playsuit I saw at the shop, I wore a shirt on top to protect myself from the sun and getting tanned.
Those platforms you see are the most comfortable I ever could think of, so it was not too much stress for me carrying shopping bags, having lunch and walking around the mall and back to the hotel with my baby.
I added a little style factor to the whole look by wearing that star studded choker from Zara and my aviators from Ray ban.

Highlight of the look is - my BLUE HANDBAG that I got from ROSEGAL !!
It is the most pretty faux leather embossed bag I have ever seen, coz I never had a dark blue bag that I loved so much to bring out with me everywhere. 
It is sheik, classy and beautiful to go with any outfit or look, plus it got a lot of space for my makeup, hand sanitizer, nappy, baby wipes and baby bottles.

Aviators : Rayban 
Handbag : Rosegal
Platforms : Bata similar (here)
Choker : Zara similar (here, here)
Lips : Dior

You can find my bag in red color as well, so hop onto the site and do some online shopping for fabulous clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.
Hoping for a great weekend with lots of pool time for  Nia all that she wants to do.



Face and Eyes.....

Hello lovelies, today I am talking about a face and an eye cream that I have been using for past few months. I have been asked about this q...