20 June 2017

A Happy Birthday, Girl :)

Indeed :)

Hi fam, I know you guys were waiting for this post where I share how I spent my birthday and what all I did this time around. First of all thank you for the wishes and being the biggest support of my blog.

My day started with a makeup session(collaboration) with Kenny Yee - a Malaysian MUA who is not only a nice person but amazing at his work. I told him my requirements and that I was gonna do photoshoot afterwards and wanted it to last until the dinner, and I was very specific that I wanted a natural yet bold look with some shimmery eyes. And he did that so perfectly I had nothing to complain about.

I was really curious to know he creates that glow and so I was being a little annoying by asking him questions throughout but did he did not let me feel that way, rather explained everything as he proceeded with the steps. I came to know some basic tips which I was not aware about and he even encouraged me to get into beauty blogging and create videos and various looks.

You can check out his profile here - Kenny Yee and give a thumbs up, let him know I sent you.

More photos will be shared in the next post as Nia is up :)
Hope you like them as much as I do, thanks for reading.


18 June 2017

Father's Day with Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. a very famous and loved jewellery brand amongst majority of population in the world and it never fails to create the most spectacular and unique designs. I have always loved their collection and  I wish to buy their T-square bracelet for myself someday with my own money. Just a wish....hopefully it will happen sooner or later. Amen

It's the first time we get to celebrate Father's day for Yogish and even though Nia has no idea of it right now,she is a daddy's girl and not only just she looks like him but she even loves to spend time with him in the mornings (5am types) when mommy is sleeping away.
She would always get so excited after seeing him return home after office or long work trips and would run to him and gives the longest and warmest of hugs. I wonder how I never get them so easily and kisses are rarest to talk about.

I have always had a very special connection with my dad and it just got more stronger after I got married. He was always the possessive kind of, over-protective dad towards me but I totally saw a different side of him after I moved to Indonesia right after my marriage. We started talking even more andI would call him up and share stuff with him more than what I would with my mom and we would talk for hours. I just feel the way I think is similar to his and he understands me really well, guides me, advises me along with being always motivating and praising my work he would point out and tell what I could have done differently or how I could improve on something related to my blog.

I just love him so much more for how he is as a person, caring, kind, understanding not just towards me but my mom, family and even for his friends or for that matter any stranger who would come up to him for advise will be treated the same way if not more. He is so simple and I believe that is what my parents have taught me and my younger brother to be nice and helpful to everyone around us.
I am so happy he is Nia's grandfather and how he loves and takes of her while I'm out shopping or attending events and their bond just melts my heart. She would always be so happy and excited doing face time with him and would react the most to whatever he says. Nia is one lucky grandchild to have him in her life :)

Here's a little gift guide for y'all which isn't just pretty but thoughtful as well...

                        1.          TIFFANY EAST WEST 3-HAND  
                                     46.5 X 27.5 MM WATCH
                                     IN STAINLESS STEEL

                                2. OUT OF RETIREMENT "MONEY" MONEY CLIP IN 18K GOLD







I totally love this T square bracelet and Tiffany 2 ring if I am asked to pick out something for my dad.
A father is a girl's first love, hero and the man she always looks up to and dreams of her future husband to be like which makes him the most special in life and these timeless classic pieces would be the best to convey words and express love for him.

Which one is your favorite from them ??

Happy Father's day !!


9 June 2017

Khaki is my new love.....

Happy Friday everyone, hope you all had a great week and that your weekend will be even fun.
I am just being a little relieved that Nia's fever has gone down and she is starting to be herself again with all that speaking/repeating of words and running all over the place.

I am usually fond of everything colorful and if you know me you might also know - this rule applies to my clothes as well but lately there is one colour I'm looking out for everytime I visit a mall. And it's none other than - KHAKI and yes my love is getting crazier for it. I just had to pick something khaki and it took a lot of research and a million pieces before I laid my hands on this shirt here.

It is just a unique color that can go with any other and blend so well - be it denims, white or black and I chose black for the first shot, for that is my fav too.  If you have not included it in your wardrobe, it's time you do and do not forget to tag me in your photo :) Coz I know you would take one

Shirt similar (here) & Denim : H&M
Tote : Victoria's Secret similar (here)
Sunnies : Prada similar (here)
Sandals : Marks & Spencer similar ones I liked (here)

Which is your favorite color for the season ??
Planning to do you tube videos for a long time now and many of my followers on Instagram also requested, so drop in suggestions..... !!


6 June 2017

See you hair :)

Finally I have put Nia to sleep and I sit down with a small bowl of vanilla ice cream and my favorite songs playing on you tube (Ed Sheeran - shape of you?? Like an anthem now !!) to complete this post that I had promised to finish by tonight.

It is getting tough for me to sit down and write long articles now days as Nia needs all my attention, time and stamina for she is getting so naughty, starting to walk with support, trying to pick and eat everything that sees and running around the whole house. I too run after her, let's hope to loose some calories :)

I have been asked many a times about the secret to my long hair or how I take care of them, so let me start by saying I do love my hair and have always taken special care to keep them that way, but since last 1.5 year I had not been able to do so, that efficiently.

When I was almost 3 months pregnant I was starting to feel sick, lazy and more over exhausted so I least bothered to keep them the way I have over the last few years. So all I did was to rush over to the salon and get them washed and take spa-treatments once in a while.
So I would just like to share 5 easy tips that I feel are the least you could do to maintain your hair in a good texture, also what I have been following religiously.

1. Wash them often - every third day(max 4) and if you have an oily scalp it has to be more often.
Like you take bath everyday to feel fresh and happy, your hair needs that freshness too !!
Whether you are going to office or just a house-wife like me, you cannot deny the fact that our hair does get dirty and sweaty, and if our hair does not look good it definitely affects the confidence.

2. Shampoo and Condition - These 2 steps come hand in hand, you cannot just shampoo and not condition coz you did not have time or you feel lazy doing that at home, it is a must and should never be neglected. Also, choosing the right shampoo/conditioner is very important, as one product might be good for me but not work that well for you, similarly the ones you use might not suit me.
If you see - dry scalp, hair fall or roughness it is time you switch to another brand.

3. Hair mask/Spa - This need not be done in a hair salon, spending too much money or time - in fact you can do it at home at least once in a month. The L'oreal or other hair masks are easily available at drugstores, plus now days you even get those shots or capsules for your specific hair problem.
Sometimes I do not get time to go to a spa and spend 3 hours(yes, it takes that long for my hair length) in a salon, but I make sure to wash my hair, apply the mask for a good 30-10 minutes of duration and steam it with a hot towel before washing. Taddaa... Salon hair at home :)
P.S - Do not use a conditioner when you apply a hair mask !!

4. Eat for your hair  - The food we eat also affects our hair quality in a way and if you do not know how to do that, you must oil your hair once a week or so before washing.
My grandmother used to tell me how she kept my hair oiled at all times when I was a young girl, and now my mom tells me the same and keeps reminding me to do that for Nia. And I totally thank them for all the care they took, because I feel blessed to have such long, thick and healthy hair and the compliments I get everytime I post a photo of my hair or when I meet people, Salon being the biggest.
Almonds and Amla are proved to be the best nutrition providing foods for hair, you can google for more though !!

5. Let them breathe - I would never suggest you to go to bed with hair tied really hard or in a braid, it is very important to let them loose , so the roots does not get pulled up the whole night and you will not have a headache the next morning. Trust me - I do this and my sleep quality improves as well, until I did not know it, I used to tie them in a tight rubber band so that I don't pull them in my sleep .(Long hair problems). But, now I do, and thought of sharing it with you :)
Oh, well that rhymes, you know it's something I am good at.

Post-braid hair :)

Braided bun for an event earlier !!

That's my hair length as of now, but with Nia pulling and playing with them I really feel the need to cut them short !!

Hope the tips and simple ways that I shared to keep your hair strong and healthy at the same time help you some and please let me know anything if I missed, would love to hear from you guys too :)

Have a great week ahead.

27 May 2017

Lace and choker @ Clozette Tea Party

Hello Saturday, I get so excited at the mere thought of getting into the weekend mode, for two main reasons - 1. Yogish is home, so my meals won't be lonely anymore and
               2. Weekends I get to rest, go out(salon or events) and Nia stays home with daddy  :))

Lately he has been so busy working and traveling, we hardly get to see him home and when we do it's like a mini holiday for us - playing with Nia, watching a movie, evening walks, long daytime naps and dinner date sometimes. Nia gets so happy seeing him enter the house, all she wnats is to be picked up and laugh and be around him, no matter where he goes, she is like a little cop chasing her man.

Last weekend I had an opportunity to attend Tea party with Clozette - which was a huge get together of bloggers from Malaysia and reveal of the revamped look of Clozette . #MyNewClozette

There was a color theme/dress code, lots of fun activities - nail art, DIY photo card, calligraphy, lucky draw prizes and the best dressed award to be won. Food and drinks of course :)

I got my hair done at the Salon, coz you know how much I love it and I really wanted to try a different hair style this time, hence the braided bun. I am also attaching a few photos I took on my phone of the salon which will be my go to from now and the event organized at the pretty Happ Cafe.

Here's the outfit I wore for the event, but later changed into my shorts for the shoot, yeah "MOM LIFE" is good if you are comfortable and relaxed.

Top & Sneakers similar (here) : Zara
Shorts : H&M similar (here)
Sunnies : Chloe
Watch : Michael Kors
Choker : Aldo

Event photos taken on Iphone .....


A Happy Birthday, Girl :)

Indeed :) Hi fam, I know you guys were waiting for this post where I share how I spent my birthday and what all I did this time around. F...