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12 March 2018

Care for coloroured hair !!

Monday guys, today's post is all about HAIR. I have mentioned it a lot and will say again - I love my hair the most and I thank my mom for passing on the genes and all the care she took of them when I was a baby.
I make sure I take care of Nia's hair the same way and grows up to have the most healthy and long hair too, unless she wants short... That's long way, but what we can do now is take care of our hair and teach our girls the same.

There is nothing wrong in colouring or using treatments on your hair, if that makes you feel good and brings out the best in you. In fact I was never actually allowed to cut my hair short when I was in school and I used to be really furious about it, but now when I think about it I feel happy that she did that and it resulted in me having healthy, long and shiny hair. All the credit goes to you mom....

Tips to maintain healthy hair :-

* Washing them every 2-3 days, if you have oily hair you might wanna wash them frequently but if you got dry hair - it is better to not wash too often.

* Choosing the right haircare - We all make mistakes while picking up our shampoo/conditioner, sometimes because we want to try, or heard from someone and sometimes just because the ad was too fascinating.
But that should not be the factor - choose the shampoo that works well for your type and solves your main concern.
Be it excess oil, dryness, itchy scalp, dandruff or hair fall - and if you cannot decide you might wanna meet a specialist.

* Regular spa treatments - whether or not your hair are coloured one thing you do not and should not . miss out is regular hair spa. It can be done at home using a hair mask( I do that often) or at a salon.
Now how often should that be done? - well, the answer is at least once a month.
Reason - exposure to sunlight, dryers, pollution, etc.

* Air dry - Blow dry is a convenient option if you are rushing out for work or heading to an event, but doing it everyday is only going to further damage your hair. And after you have coloured your hair or done rebonding/smoothening it is better to stay away from chemical and heat treatments as much as possible.

Trim - is what we always forget to do but should be done at least 3-4months of duration. I did not realise it until I found split ends, brittle and dead hair. I make sure I go for hair cuts and when I do not wanna alter the length I make sure I get them chopped about 1-2 inches.
Trust me it will not only make your hair look good but prevent the tangles too.

Hope these tips help you in someway and motivate you to love your hair as much as you love yourself. And for those of you who wondered, I had gone for a little trim and got them cut in a straight line rather than U-shape that I usually do.

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Thank you for reading and have a great week ahead.

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