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28 February 2018

Gift of beautiful skin by SOS

Happy Wednesday everyone, I know it's been a long since I posted on my blog but that's because my laptop was so sick it needed to rest a few days at the service centre. I got it back yesterday and wanted to share about this amazing skincare miracle I have been using for last 3 weeks and in awe with the results I got.

Let us talk about the product first - what is SOS ?? Well SOS UV Porcelain+ is oral skin supplement with its dual action formulation for skin whitening and brightening, broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection and stimulation of collagen and elastin production.
It is manufactured in USA and certified by US FDA.

SOS UV Porcelain+ has following benefits :-

* Blocks off harmful UV rays and provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection
* Reduces sun sensitivity
* Lightens and brightens overall skin tone for a luminous complexion
* Stimulates collagen and elastin  production to increase skin elasticity and reduce fine lines

Scientifically proven Ingredients :-

* L-glutathione - inhibits melanin production for skin whitening effects
* Alpha porcelain - allows the active ingredients to maintain their singular benefits
* Vitamin C - fends of signs of ageing and helps promote glow
* Fernblock - effective protection from UV rays
* Collagen peptides - helps to rejuvenate skin cells, reduce fine lines and increase skin elasticity

Provides solutions for :-

* Dull and lack lusture skin
* Age spots, stubborn melanin patches and uneven skin tone
* Sunscreen and protection against UV rays
* Lack of skin elasticity

Every girl dreams of a flawless beautiful skin, and is always on the lookout for products that will give them that blemish-free miracle cure but never end up finding a great one. Even I have tried out creams to improve my skin tone but nothing has proven to be worthy enough.

So when I was approached by their team to try their product for a duration of 30days and find out the results for myself - I was excited and curious at the same time.  Why would not I be ??
My skin concerns are - uneven skin tone and tan(due to prolonged sun exposure), many times I do not get enough sleep at night and that makes my face look dull which is not something I am proud of. My meals are not always timed and I am a very lazy person when it comes to eating greens.

I am a fashion blogger and followers on my IG profile like me for who I am and they relate themselves to me and many a times ask me about skincare and how I manage to look fresh even after all the tiring job of a mom I do. Then comes the blog, phone, taking photos, editing them, writing articles and continously being glued to gadgets - I end up tiring my eyes and look like a Zombie.
Sometimes I just stay home, work, spend days with Nia and don't go for shoots to let my skin rest and protect it from sun damage.
My job is to advise them right and share reviews only about the products I have tried out for myself and provide results.

I started taking SOS UV porcelain+ on 31st Jan - 1 capsule every morning, empty stomach and before stepping out in the sun. As they say it takes time for every good thing to show up and that happened exactly in this case when I started noticing my skin not getting further tanned by the sun and looking better day by day.
Glow and radiance that only made me happy. Now I can step out in the sun and get as many photos clicked without having to worry about sun damage.

I could feel my skin texture getting smoother and not doing makeup for days, I think that feeling is amazing because it not only makes you look good and happy but brings out the best in you.
A confident woman can take over the world - right ??

I have a picture of myself taken when I started taking SOS capsules and one yesterday to show you how it has worked wonders for me, and yes it is without any makeup on.

Before                                   After

I would not suggest you to only take a skin supplement and ignore rest of the factors that contribute to dull skin tone like - lack of sleep, lack of water intake, stress, healthy diet and a regular workout.
If you want to achieve a healthier looking glowing skin you got to take some steps in the right direction and you can leave the rest to SOS UV PORCELAIN+ .

I would definitely advise you to try this out once and notice the skin changes for yourself, plus there is nothing wrong in gifting yourself a whiter & a brighter skin.
Invest in your skin more and you will be thankful to yourself few years down the line.

SOS capsules are available at reputable clinics, dermatology and aesthetic practices.
Priced at RM 399/box containing 30 capsules (750mg each) to be consumed once a day on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before sun exposure.

Have you ever tried a skin supplement before? If yes I would love to hear about your experience and if not - here is the reason as to why you should now.

Hope this review helps you get some motivation and you sure know my little secret now.

Have a great week ahead !!
love, Kanchan

                                                  Sponsored by SOS UV Porcelain+


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