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9 January 2018

Love for a saree never dies !!

Wishing all of you readers a very happy new year and may 2018 be twice as wonderful as 2017 was.
I have been off the block for almost over a month because I was literally chilling/freezing while I was in India -  Delhi to be precise. As most of you know I had a huge function to attend to in Pune during later half of december but I left around 5th to get my dresses ready in time and let Nia enjoy her pamperings from her grandparents/uncles/aunts.

We landed on 5th and 6th is when I got caught up in flu and fever which was only a few hours away from Nia too. I struggled to recover and tried staying as cozy as possible but Nia had a hard time with the weather change and what bothered me was that she refused to eat food and drink milk for almost 7-8days, which led to her getting weak. I saw three different doctors and her stomach got upset, it was a really bad time and all she wanted was to stay cuddled in my arms or her Nana and all that while we stand in the living room - during the day and odd hours at night. That was the only way she would sleep before waking up again in a few hours of time. I was so happy when Yogish came and Nia was improving and was the happiest to see her daddy. N then she would not let him be out of sight, not even a second. Daddy's girl as I told you earlier....

So here's the next part of trip where we left for Pune for 5 days to attend thread ceremony of my sister-in-laws son, which was as big as a wedding, the only difference being he did not get a girl yet !!
I have shared a few photos on my Instagram from other outfits that I wore but the one I am sharing today is my most favorite - not only did it took some 10 stores and a 100 pieces to get my attention but it also happens to be one of my loved colors. Guesses ? ?

Pink it is -  a beautiful silk saree from a very well know brand that is known to produce the best of pieces when it comes to silk. NALLI - its a silk emporium based in Chennai and I had specifically travelled there to buy mine for the function. Previously I had a different colour in my mind but after a realising I already own a lot of sarees in that exact colour and looking at this one I did not have to fight my mind too much.

The jewellery was a mix of what Indians wear at weddings, traditional gold ornaments and matching bangles to go with the whole look. I also woke up quite early (5:30am) for getting my makeup done, and the bun I did was a typical Maharashtrian style. I was so excited to wear the saree and get ready the Indian way after years.

Hope you enjoy the pics as much as we did taking them, leave your comments below and show some love.

love, Kanchan

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