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11 January 2018

2018 resolution list !!

I have never been so serious about making/following my resolutions, until this year brought me close to a lot of things I had been ignoring earlier. For instance - health and all I did was survive on junk, desserts and some fake friends for starters.
So this year I wanna make sure I deal with those issues in a grown up way, stand up for myself and not let false opinions guide me. We can talk about that on another post for now let's make some changes.

Here's a little list of things I don't wanna miss on :-

1. Eating healthy - As much as my body knows its impossible, I want to make it realise I would rule it and do the cheat parts on Fridays or may be Weekends !!! It's not a modelling school right??

2. Working out - real one, at least 4 days a week and not to miss my morning swim time with Nia at any cost. Can't wait for her to feel better and me to not fall sick. Though I partially may have.

3. Blogging - post an article every 2 days, unless I am traveling or sick.

4. Shopping less - Trust me I can do that and I have told it to myself 100,000 times as well. I am only going to shop 1 entity a month each from the two categories I made :
A. Clothes/shoes/Bags/sunglasses   B.  Makeup/skincare/jewellery

C'mon it's fair enough? I am going to use the most of my previously loaded closet and style them in different ways and may be do some charity as I always have. You can try that too - the clothes you bought coz they looked good at the store but not when you try them at home, the ones you don't fit into, or the ones you hardly wore 1-2 times could be given to some really needy people. I have done that with some of Nia's baby clothes as well and it's the biggest feeling of happiness.

I think that was enough of serious-talking which you know I cannot stretch longer, let me also tell you I am not going to give up on COFFEE.  Yeah !!

Sharing photos from a day I was dressed up really casual and wasn't sure of how I looked until I saw them and liked them. That's how I actually head out for my daily errands, milk/diaper runs or salons.

What are your New Year Resolutions, do you believe in them ???
See you Saturday.
xx, Kanchan

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  1. it's so wonderful and useful sharing,thank you so much dear..