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30 November 2017

Organic afternoon with Melvita :)

This afternoon I had the opportunity to attend the grand opening of World's first ever Melvita Kiosk at IOI city mall in Malaysia. I am happy to have come across this brand which I had not known until a few years ago and now when I have - I am all about Organic. Today when people buy every food product or even fruits/veggies that are organic why not take a step towards your skin that you to have live with forever and use the products that are made of natural elements and not nasty chemicals.

Melvita - a brand from South of France, founded in 1983 has rightfully maintained their reputation as a well-known organic beauty care brand with the largest certified ranges that contain products that stop the nasties. Isn't that great ??? #stopnasties #startorganic

My favorite product from Melvita, well there are two - Argan Oil and the Floral Rose water. I never forget to carry the rose water spray in my bag for it is a must have in this tropical weather or just to keep you fresh and your skin hydrated in summers. Try and thank me later !!

It was the most fun event ever, with yummy refreshments and the most thoughtful Christmas gift ever, which was a goodie jar which I curated on my own and one for my close friend to take back home. Yayy :)
There was a cute Bee hanging around with us, fellow bloggers and the most wonderful team of Melvita Malaysia !! 
Enjoy the photos and have a great weekend.

Blue on purpose :)
Guess why??

Gift I picked for a friend :)

That's mine.... :)

Hairband I decorated with those cute clips !! (obviously had Nia in mind)

Yummy butter croissants ......why not ??

Sumptuous macaroons ever...

One with my fav Argan oil .....

Definitely thinking on which one to pick or to pick all of it ?? 

Photographer suggested I smile, and I was a natural :))
C'mon I was picking up goodies

That explains my excitement well !!!!

I am totally going to share the reviews on things I picked up and what I liked the most, in a month or so.
Until then, have a great December ya'll !!

xo, Kanchan

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