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27 November 2017

Facial at Astute.... !!

Hello beautiful ladies, I hope you'll are having a great start to the week. Well do you realise it's already starting to feel like Christmas - right ? I am so happy to be living at a place as good as Malaysia where every festival is celebrated with so much zeal and fun - with that comes a lot of decoration and sales too!!!! YAYYY

And before you get busy attending family dinners and girls night out, you first wanna make sure your skin looks beautiful and fresh, who does not like compliments though ??
I have just the right idea here - FACIAL !! As good and as happy as it sounds you would only want to spend in the best and get good results. I recently had a chance to experience the Premier  Facial at the Astute Clinic(aesthetic clinic) by Dr. Jason Yip at Damansara Heights.

Before I went ahead with the facial I had discussed my skin concerns with him, which are mostly pigmentation and dullness. Accordingly he advised me to use some products for a month, which I have to tell you were amazing and worth every penny. I noticed that my dark spots were reducing in intensity and appearance and I was feeling more confident to step out often without make-up. Happy Girl I am :)

Have a look at the products I used before I explain to you a little about the facial I had :)

I used my own cleanser and toner, and used the Lucent LC serum followed by moisturiser, and sunblock during the day. I also used two formulas on my skin during the night thrice a week to work on the pigmentation specifically.

The facial I did was advised by the doctor himself - ASTUTE PREMIER FACIAL which is worth RM488 with a duration of 90minutes.

Procedure included the following steps :

1. Double Cleanse - Make-up remover, followed by cleanser to remove dirt and impurities. I would suggest you to walk-in without any makeup.

2. Hydrodermabrasion(Aqua) - An exfoliation machine that gently removes dead skin cells from skin's surface via a "vaccum tip" which also stimulates collagen. The solutions emitted from the tip help with acne care, cleansing pores and clearing blackheads.

3. Ultrasonic Scrubber - A machine with a hand-piece applicator tool that softens and dislodges blackheads via ultrasonic sound wave vibration for easy extraction.

4. Extraction - Physical removal of blackheads and whiteheads.

5. Ultrasound penetration - Iontophoretic infusion of powerful anti-oxidants and therapeutic serums for rejuvenation, brightening and hydration.

6. Mask - A hydrating mask that soothes inflamed skin , restores moisture and promotes healing and rejuvenation.

I felt my skin was much clear and soft right after the facial and whatever little irritation was there disappeared because of the cold mask at the end of the treatment.

I would rate the facial 5/5 for I got  to love my skin and the results it left me with. They do offer other facials like - Astute Quintessential Facial and Astute Acne facial for acne prone skin and other treatments like - skin contouring/tightening etc.

I am happily flaunting my beautiful skin now and I do receive compliments on that :)
I am still using the products and hoping for the pigmentation to go away soon. You can now more about them - on their official website at ASTUTE CLINIC.

Thanks for dropping by and don't forget to love your skin as much as you love yourself.


                                                            Sponsored by Astute 

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