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9 October 2017

Bubbles and Babies

The title must have given you a little hint of what I am going to talk about here today and there is no doubt that it is also my top most priority in life - Yes, my baby and everything that relates to her.
Be it bath, skincare, food or clothes - I am all ears and ready to advise new mothers on any queries they might have related to any of the above topics.

For a mother - baby is the first thing she would ever think of no matter where she is or what she is doing, similarly while grocery shopping she would never return home without buying something or the other. Sometimes it'a a basic need like - a diaper pack or baby bath gel and rest of the times it's out of mothers love - candies, wafers or just a balloon.  I have never stepped out of a grocery store without picking up something for Nia each time and even if the list included 5 items I would return home with 10 or more.

We want the best and nothing less, so here's this brand you all have heard or see while growing up and same have been used for us by our moms. I am talking about none other than Johnson's Baby.
I recently received Sensitive Touch Range by Johnson's baby and the first thing I did was to check out how they smell and trust me it was wonderful which instantly made me  try out the body lotion on my hands - and it was amazing.

Sensitive Touch range is 10 times more moisturising than Johnson's Top-to-toe body wash, and prevents babies skin from dryness, redness or any kind of irritation.  It's no more tears formula is always a Win-Win as Nia is really hard to manage while in bath and loves to splash water and use the soap by herself and do all that I ask her not to, so basically while using this soap I am relieved of her crying at the end of it.
She totally loves to play with water and is never ready to come out of the bath tub now matter how long she has already been there, I always have to use some other reason and convince her to get out of it. Don't even ask....

 Not only does the packaging look different, the products are advanced and made with a lot of care and concerns keeping babies skin in mind and priority.

Here's a little fact for all you moms out there -
Bath time benefits brain development, as the baby's brain creates upto 1.8million new synaptic connections per second. 

You cannot even imagine the number of shots and amount of effort behind this one shot - Perfect :)

I am totally in love with the new Sensitive Touch range and would recommend you mommies to try it out too, it smells amazing :)

It will be available in major pharmacy chains i.e. Caring, Guardian and Watson.
The wash comes in 200ml & 500ml, and RRP's are RM15.90 and RM27.90 respectively.
The lotion comes in 200ml with RRP of RM20.90.

Click the page for Online Vouchers here  - JOHNSONS BABY FACEBOOK PAGE MALAYSIA

Leave a comment below if you have any query and you can find more photos of Nia on her  INSTAGRAM - HERE !!

Thank you for dropping by !!
xx, Kanchan

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