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10 October 2017

28-day challenge with Olay....

I love taking up challenges and try out different things out of my comfort zone, and it is for nobody else but to prove it to myself - that I could do anything. Nothing is hard if you have the courage to give it a try. ...Enough of lecture for now !!

I was recently invited by OLAY to take up their 28-day challenge and try out Olay Regenerist and Olay total effects.
Olay regenerist micro sculpting cream is a day moisturiser whereas Olay total effects 7 in one is a night cream, and I used them straight for 4 weeks.
I was updating my weekly review on my Instagram but I felt the need to share a much more detailed review here on my blog for those who requested for it.

Does genes play a role in great skin? - Great skin is made, not born. If you have some amazing genes but you will not maintain it  the right way there will be no more perfect skin.
It is never too late to start maintaining your skin and taking care of it just as you do for yourself.

Here's what you gotta do and some tips from my experience - Drink plenty of water, eat healthy, sleep well and do not skip your skincare routine ever !! That is something I have learnt and religiously follow, through no matter where I am and how late it is at the night. Removing your makeup is a very important step you must never skip.

Week 1 : I used the creams with my usual products and cleanser, and felt it gave the hydration my skin was missing out on. The night cream is quite good, light texture and acts like a night mask to repair your skin. 

Week 2 : The morning cream is a bit heavy for my skin, because my skin is a bit oily in the T-zone so I usually sweat on it a lot and if I put makeup on it gets worse if I am out in the sun. So you have to be careful in deciding the amount of cream you require according to your skin type. While the night cream has made me fall in love with it. I used to wake up in the mornings with a soft, hydrated skin and a fresh looking face. 

Week 3 : My skin started to look radiant, plumped and hydrated and the best part is that I started going out without makeup on usual days. The creams do not have a strong smell like few other brands and they get quickly absorbed into your skin. 

Discover the restage of Olay ruler event !!
Week 3 

Week 4 : I look at myself in the mirror and ask do I look young today? or is it the effect of both the moisturisers I have been using ? Well, I think half of the credit goes to the creams for reducing the dark areas on my face, giving it radiance and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

She knows I put that cream after bath, so she would always bring it from my bedside and insist on applying onto my face. Not posting my Olaf face here :) coz she would not know how much to put.

I'm glad to have her in my life and making my life so worth living, she gives me all the smiles and happiness I could ask for !!
BTS should remain BTS

FINAL VERDICT : If you are looking for a great skincare product, that falls in your budget and gives quick results making you look a little younger - go for OLAY !!

I am totally recommending the total effects to my mom and all others who do not wanna spend into huge brands and yet get results, trust me it does work !!

Try for yourself and do share your review in the comments below or if you have tried it earlier I would be keen to know how did you like it.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

xx, Kanchan


  1. Never tested this brand! Look's good!

  2. I really would like to try this brand my friend! Super interesting products!

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