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20 September 2017

Vest Wednesday......

I am so annoyed by the rains here for the last 2 days, 1. I am not a rain lover 2. I cannot shoot .
Anymore reason left for me to hate this weather?? I have never been a fan of rains ever in my life, it just somehow makes everything so dull, gloomy and kind of depress me. Sorry for those who love rains I understand your feelings but you were to ask me, I'd say winters anytime.

Here is a look I shot 2 weeks back and it is my fav for two reasons - 1. I got to wear boots in 16degrees windy weather 2. It's shot by my dad :)

Yeah, whenever I am in India or he is here in Malaysia - I do not hesitate to ask him if could help me get some nice photos, and being really humble and sweet always does it for me and the results are outstanding. He is also one of the biggest supporters of mine and never fails to guide/advise me on things related to my blog.

Moving on to the look, it is a really simple outfit made to look unique and classy with two props - Boots and a Vest (not Kanye). lol

I just put on a basic black tee with a pair of dark black shorts and covered it on with a white vest that my dad bought for me from India :)
To give the look an edge, I wore velvet boots instead of high heels or sandals and left my wavy hair open for that off-to NYFW #ootd.

Thanks for reading :)
love, Kanchan


  1. U look amazing girl .. just perfect ut hairs nd boots and this cape is so cool .. in one word u r slaying 😘😘😘