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21 September 2017

It's all froth & treat.... !!

Hello beautiful people, I hope everyone is having a smooth and great week. Unlike me - because mine has not been for my maid has been on leave for 2 days, Yogish has been super busy traveling and I have so much more going on (blog/commitments), along with taking care of Nia, her mischievous acts to get me mad and following her changing sleep pattern lately. Rough and tough equally !!
Cannot for the weekend, go for a hair spa, mani/pedi session or a body massage and just relax - leaving Nia all by her dad. Sigh!!

Here's what I am talking about today -  a local skincare brand Froth & Treat Co. with whom I collaborated recently. It is owned by a really sweet girl named Adeline who sent out this beautiful package on Yogish's birthday eve with a personalized towel of both of our names. Can't get any sweeter right ??

I have been trying the Grapefruit shower gel constantly for it makes me feel like a little spa session every morning and it's after effects of hydration keep me happy all day long.
Grapefruit body lotion is my fav - for it smells divine and lasts really long as well. Infact I carry it in my handbag all the time, as I tend to wash my hands a lot when I am out with Nia and she never fails to give me more chances to do that..... #MOMLIFE

I am definitely loving the range and looking forward to the new one, that will be launching soon.
Enjoy the photos, and tell me you too love fruity scents ???

Love the simple packaging, how cute is that tub though ??

Have a great day ahead.
xx, Kanchan

Sponsored by Froth & Treat .Co

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