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19 September 2017

Colors by Kester Black......

Happy Tuesday girls, I hope you saw my last post and commented on it, to be eligible for #SAPPHIREZIVAGIVEAWAY . You have to like my Instagram photo and comment on it before others and comment on my latest blog posts as well. I am still away from picking up the winner for the 1st week, so good luck :)

I have always wanted to color my nails since childhood, so I used to circle around my mom while she would paint her nails but I was not allowed to.  #SCHOOLRULES
The came college, and I wanted to do it and buy lots of colors to match with my outfits everyday just to have said" I did it". But sadly I was not allowed again - Reason - I am a Physiotherapist and was supposed to dress up decent and keep our nails short so that we do not end up hurting our patients while giving the treatment. Yeah, so basically I had waited for years to actually see my nails coloured.

Once that got over, there was no stopping and till today I love it so much that I literally change the color every week (well, when I get time) and trying out new brands and colours only gets better for me.

I recently received these beautiful  nail colours from Kester Black and I tried it out the same day :) 
KESTER BLACK is a leading Australian brand  which has an environment friendly range of high shine, pigment, chip-resistant and Halal nail polish that are also VEGAN and CRUELTY-FREE.

Isn't that awesome ???
That is so many good things in a package, what else would a girl want ??

Kester Black comes in 52 amazing, magical mood boosting colours along with nourishing nail care products that are free from parabens. 

I picked up two colours for me which I loved - Cherry Pie and Petal and I cannot wait for you to see the photos.

I loved the packaging, the bottles are cute and the colour stays longer than I expected as compared to other brands that I have tried, which fade away faster. I have to cook, bathe my baby, change her diapers and all this cannot be done without washing my hands 100 times a day(Okay,   I like to keep them extra clean) but still I have seen amazing stay power with Kester Black. 
Click here to know more about them and have a look at their wonderful nail polish collection.

I am in love with the colours, they do not smell too much and remain a whole week long, personal fav - Well, I still cannot decided as I keep switching between both of them :))
Are you a nail polish crazy like me ?? Do let me know your fav colours and may be I can try them too...

xx, Kanchan

1 comment:

  1. I love. Petal colour more as summers are about light colours