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2 August 2017

Nia turns 1 ....

It was only yesterday when I was waiting eagerly for my little girl to arrive with all the curiosity and dreams of motherhood in my mind. I had it all planed from the clothes she would wear for the first time, the words I would whisper in her ears and how I would express my love for her.
And with the blink of an eye she arrived when it was least expected, making our world even more beautiful, giving us the most precious reason to live.

I was in the process of planning her first birthday party for months, but we only had to figure out wether we were going on a family holiday or throwing a party for our friends and family. It would have been a massive affair if it was to be held in India as most of our family and relatives are there. After looking at Yogish's busy schedule and the amount of time I already spent in India last 2 months, celebrating in Malaysia seemed to be the best option.

Luckily we had Yogish's parents and niece travel to Malaysia the day we had planned the party, and that only added to the fun and happiness. It was a small gathering with few of our close friends and family at a restaurant. I had the theme planned and so it was easier to find stuff to decorate it according to the cake colors.
I ordered two customized cakes for her which had to be two of the most fav creatures for her at that moment, and guess what,  she loves a new one lately. haha.... #babylife

The cake we had her cut or say smash on 6th of July (her birthday) was blue in color with a duck topper, because you have no idea how excited she gets merely at the sight of a duck and starts shouting"dack daaack daccckkkk"....Exactly in that order with 100 times of the excitement and voice as high as she possibly could use.
While for the actual birthday party on 8th of July had a pink colored rainbow cake with a Minnie mouse topper, that could be either used as an appetiser or saved as  keepsake. We chose the latter, until one day I found her limbs missing,(and nose) which was consumed by none other than Nia's dad :)  lol I am sure Nia would laugh reading this when she grows up !!

Even though I could not believe she is 1, she makes sure I understand it well now with her bossy behavior and tantrums already. Trust me she picks up her fav rhymes and can forward them on the ipad/iphone if she does not like any of it, she can also hold the phone by herself to facetime her Nani who calls her up every morning, afternoon and night. I am loving this phase of life and looking at her grow up and do a new activity, or say a word everyday makes me the happiest on earth. There is possibly nothing I would exchange this feeling for, she is the apple of my eye and I love her to the core.

It was all my idea.... #selfcredit

As pink as it can get....

Awww, how to not eat you is the question ??

Mom-dad "kinda" pose

Expression after she saw the Minnie Mouse.... :)
And wanted to rip apart from the cake

Excited and happy :)

The only good shot we got, coz she had no patience !!

Darling babe

I would not forget this day ever...she gives me life

Could not get her shoes captured, she wouldn't stay still for a second...

Cutest cake I had ever imagined..finished quackly

Rest is history....

I will try post her video on her YouTube channel - Nia Lad - subscribe to it if you want to see more of her !!
Hope you like the photos as much as we loved clicking them.
Thanks for reading...

xo, Kanchan

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  1. Great post dear, and beautifull photos

    Have a nice day! :)