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7 August 2017

Happiness is the key....

To pretty much everything in life. Isn't it ??
Why do not we see the things that make us happy? and rather focus on things that don't ?
Today I am going to talk about ways or things I do to keep myself happy and motivated everyday, not some huge secrets or philosophical words but just a simple advise from my experience in past few years.

Here are a few tips to be happy even when the situations don't allow ___

 * Being happy is not a phase it should rather be our goal of the day - just like you plan your day and to-do list you should also be planning 1 activity a day that makes you happy. Be it going to the gym, calling your bestie or just listening to music.
I am a lover of music, and everyday I would just play some of my fav songs either when Nia sleeps or while Im working on my articles.

* Look at the positives - Life will give us all kinds of situations - good/better/bad or worst but the way we handle it makes it a whole lot easier and different for us to go through it. Pondering over it would only give you sadness/pain but if you try finding a solution to things, trust me that's where you win over that situation. Sometimes you might not be in the position to solve it, in that case all you have to do is wait for the miracle to happen and sit back and focus on some thing other than that.

* Be thankful - to God for giving you this life and blessing you with the things you already have. It is not a hard thing, every morning after you open your eyes you can just say it in your head and move on with the day. It makes you feel happy and gives you the strength to focus on important things.

* Do not Expect - If you never do you will never be hurt, but if you do expect anything from anybody you are definitely going to feel hurt at the end of the day and that will only add your sadness. Why would you want to be sad in the first place or expect ?? DO YOUR PART AND LEAVE THE REST TO GOD !! That is one thing I have learnt now though it took me time but thanks to my husband Yogish for teaching me this one thing I lacked in.

* Be a kid - because all they do is have fun and smile no matter what or unless jabbed...haha
A kid or baby finds happiness in the tiniest of things and that is what makes them carefree and smile at what ever they see. I do not ask you to smile if somebody falls of their chair or gets hurt but just in general - smile at people you see in the lift/mall/shopping mall, you never know you might end up brightening someone else's day. Joke around, eat an extra slice of cake and go to the park for you are going to feel happy and different from what you have been thinking about getting worried.

Go shopping or bake a cake or go watch your favorite movie and laugh all you can for life is what you live today and not what you think of after years. Hope it helps....

Here's to a happy week and happy you :))
Cheers to life ....
xx, Kanchan


  1. Very interesting post!

    Have a nice day! :)

  2. I do agree... We need to revive the humour in our lives, keep the child alive in us. Enjoy small things. Laugh like a child. Look around.

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  3. Replies
    1. Yes, we must never forget to smile :)

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    you have such a fantastic blog!
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  5. Simple but true! Nice post! Have a great day :) Few of my friends don´t feel happy and they are looking for negatives. I don´t know why in their young age.
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