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17 August 2017


Hi everyone, today I am going to share few of my fav photos from our Bali trip 3 years back, reason being - 72nd Independence Day of Indonesia. I just though of sharing a photo related to Indonesia in someway to mark this day special.

For all of you who do not know I have stayed in Jakarta for over 2 years before moving down to Malaysia but it had some really sweet memories attached to it.
I moved to Jakarta right after my marriage, so the very first home that I could call ours was there, that is where we started our life from and created some amazing memories.

I also felt the need to share a few facts about Indonesia if you have never been there, as that was my experience and view after being there for such  a long time.

* Indonesia is a huge huge country with lots and lots of mini islands. Islands of all sizes and shapes with beautiful waters and resorts. Bali being one of the most famous tourist spot and loved location throughout the world.

* Indonesian people are the most polite, kind and sweetest beings on earth, you would never find anybody being rude or odd to you. Weather or not they are associated with you in any way, and they would always smile back at you.

* Indonesia has a wide variety of local food, there are tons of options to choose from, and the street vendors are the most popular ones. Yogish used to go out at midnight sometimes to try his fav dishes at a local vendor on the street, coz he would only start cooking after 9 or 10pm and stay longer.

* Nasi goreng (where Nasi stands for Rice and Goreng means - fried) and Mee goreng (Mee stands for noddles) the two very well known dishes and are always found on the Menu of an Indonesian restaurant, no matter where in the world.
Nasi goreng is fried rice with vegetables, egg, soy sauce, chilli, chicken or prawns and some crispy chips. also called Indonesian stir fried rice !!
Mee goreng is also called Bakmi goreng, a spicy fried noodle dish.
Do not forget to try them both as it is also available for vegetarians and you cannot afford to not try that. Thank me later :))

* Indonesia has a lot of clothing factories as the country is a  large producer of garments, and clothes are exported to countries worldwide. You might usually notice on the labels of clothing - "Made in Indonesia"and that is because they have an amazing cloth quality. Just a simple tee shirt would be so soft and comfortable and trust me it would last for years.

* Indonesia is also a place blessed with magnificent rains and sometimes it even floods the cities for hours, leading to traffic jams lasting upto 4-6 hours or more. Do not rive in the rains, and leaving an hour before for the venue would always help, experience says it.

* Indonesia has a famous cloth/print called BATIK - which is a WAX-RESIST dyeing applied to whole cloth.  Batik print is very famous for clothing/paintings /wall masks and is available in various colors/patterns and designs. You can google the deeper info if you wish to, but never leave Indonesia without a Batik print.

*You would not know - Balinese Hinduism is a form of Hinduism followed by many people in Bali. People worship Brahma, Vishnu and Siva with strong beliefs. A lot of Indian tourists travel to Bali and so you would easily find Indian food at some really good restaurants if you are not a lover of seafood like me.

So that was the things I thought might be useful for you guys, or those who wish to travel Indonesia or any of the islands there in near future. I would love to go back to Bali again and take Nia to places I have been, I am sure she would be happy to see the photos in coming years.

Let me know if you would like to see more photos from our Bali trip and more of the beauty in Indonesia. I would be happy to help and share.
Thanks for reading, have a great day.


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