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6 August 2017

5 easy ways to nail a Selfie !!

Happy Sunday everyone, hope you'll had a great week and looking forward to another busy one ahead. I wish there were no Monday's and we only had Tuesday's to go to work to until Friday, even though the weekday would still not be a very good feeling.
I just get the weekend to myself, to spend time with Yogish, to get grocery, to do my photoshoots and write a post on my blog....I do wish to sleep but where is the time dude ???

Anyways, I am having quite a rough saturday with Nia being sick and rejecting all food/drink. We are guessing it to be the effects of teething but it breaks my heart to see her like this, when she just sits or  cuddles quietly, she is not even playing around and hardly getting any good sleep. I hope she feels better by Monday.

Coming to today's post which is all about taking a good selfie, question is how ??
Everyone now days takes selfies and literally struggles to get the right one even after a 100 clicks, and then comes the pressure of getting a desirable amount of likes. I have got it all resolved for you, right here by just following these 5 easy steps you could Master the art of taking a Selfie.

1. LIGHTING - Good lighting is the secret to all the good photos be it through a camera or a phone. No matter how beautiful you look, but if the photo cannot do the justice you would not get that much of appreciation or satisfaction yourself looking at them.
Always make sure to find the right area with the most amount of brightness and light before you take a Selfie. I always prefer taking mine under the Sun, coz hey sunlight is the best light.

2. ANGLE - Every time you hold your phone up for a selfie you would always try to find the right position to take the picture. I prefer holding the phone up in the air to get the top shot rather than in front of my face or a level below my chin. Also depends on which part you want to focus, I like the top angle best plus you can cover your outfit also in that way, and makes your face look smaller in selfies. Which is your preferred angle ??

3. LOOK INTO THE LENS - I have seen and experienced it, your selfie would be way better if you are looking into the lens of your phone/camera as compared to the photo where you are looking into your phone at yourself. This is not a a secret but just a very simple thing we forget sometimes while taking a selfie or photo with too many people in it.

4. BACK CAMERA - Most people take a selfie using the front camera and with so many good quality front camera features it is often opted for. But the best selfie comes out with the back camera only. Try it for yourself !! It improves the picture quality to a level and does not require editing you might need in case of a front camera selfie.

5. AVOID PHOTOBOMB - Taking a selfie is an art not everyone can master it, but you can NOW - if you follow these 5 easy tips. Last one being - avoiding a photo bomber in your photo, it is something you have to keep in mind when you are at a public place or a tourist spot trying to capture the monument/architecture or any other object along with you, though it is hard to get rid off. Make sure the people in the background are at a moderate distance far from you if you cannot find an empty spot, and they are not looking into your camera.

                                                 Few of my favorite #SELFIES......

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, and it helps you nail the Selfie Art now.
love, Kanchan


  1. You look absolutely beautiful in that selfies. :)

  2. Nice post, these are great tips (:
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    CM | XIII.

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  4. Great post dear

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