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9 June 2017

Khaki is my new love.....

Happy Friday everyone, hope you all had a great week and that your weekend will be even fun.
I am just being a little relieved that Nia's fever has gone down and she is starting to be herself again with all that speaking/repeating of words and running all over the place.

I am usually fond of everything colorful and if you know me you might also know - this rule applies to my clothes as well but lately there is one colour I'm looking out for everytime I visit a mall. And it's none other than - KHAKI and yes my love is getting crazier for it. I just had to pick something khaki and it took a lot of research and a million pieces before I laid my hands on this shirt here.

It is just a unique color that can go with any other and blend so well - be it denims, white or black and I chose black for the first shot, for that is my fav too.  If you have not included it in your wardrobe, it's time you do and do not forget to tag me in your photo :) Coz I know you would take one

Shirt similar (here) & Denim : H&M
Tote : Victoria's Secret similar (here)
Sunnies : Prada similar (here)
Sandals : Marks & Spencer similar ones I liked (here)

Which is your favorite color for the season ??
Planning to do you tube videos for a long time now and many of my followers on Instagram also requested, so drop in suggestions..... !!