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22 May 2017

Mac Studio Water Weight Foundation - Review !!

Hi girls, it's been long since my last product review so here it is - all my fav products from Mac Cosmetics and how I would rate them on a scale of 5 based on my experience.

First thing if you are ever going to buy makeup is to keep in mind to not just pick something because the packaging looks beautiful or it suits some other model/friend does not mean it will be good for you too, you have to try it for yourself and find the prefect skincare/makeup that is most suitable for your skin needs.

I picked up this foundation after the launch and thought it would not be so heavy and will not make my face look caked up coz of makeup, as I do not put makeup on daily basis and if I do I like more of natural coverage.

I did like it's liquid base formula but I just do not like the sticky-ness that it has so I try mixing it with my primer or moisturizer to keep it light.

Rating - 3/5

Below are other of the products I like from Mac cosmetics and what I would recommend to invest in and what not to think about.

Mac makeup fix - It's good and helps your makeup stay longer, I have been using it for sometime and love it.

Rating - 3.5/5

Blush in LOVECLOUD shade is really pretty and perfect for daytime, you just have to be careful of how much you pick on your brush. Too much product can make your face look fake pink and make you sweat as well.

Rating - 3/5

Cleansing Oil - It is the best thing I have used in terms of getting the last bits of makeup out of your skin, and being oily it will not let your skin be dry, just make sure to wash it with a cleanser afterwards.

Rating - 4/5

Mac Loose Powder - Definitely a good product for that final glow on your face, but it is not translucent so a very little would do wonders. It is my go to product after the foundation and it is like a huge amount in a small box.

Rating - 4/5

Mac Studio Perfect Foundation - I use this when I do not wanna wear makeup, it has a medium coverage so the days you wanna go makeup free, this and a lisp stick is the perfect combo. Mascara would not hurt though :)

Rating - 4.5/5


  1. Amazing products and great review my dear! ☺

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  3. The only product I've got from MAC is Pro Longwear foundation and I really like this one. The coverage is not very high, but the lasting power is amazing.

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