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12 May 2017

It's all about Nia.....

Hi mommies, I have got your queries answered here today and worries vanished because I am going to share some really cool and easy to cook food items for your baby. Nis has begun teething and I'm glad to tell she has already got two in her lower jaw and now she loves chewing on things even more than ever before, by that I mean not just food but everything she gets hold of, some of them being  - straw, toys, spoons and what not. She has started crawling all over the place and does not let me rest a moment in the daytime, coz she hardly sleeps in the afternoon now and has me running around the house the whole day, or at least till she finally sleeps around 7 or 8 at night.

So now you know, why I am not so regular on posting, and why all my Insta stories are filled with her jumping over me, or opening kitchen drawers and spilling my water and then spreading it all over the place. Yeah I'M A MOM AND HAPPY :))

She has never been a trouble baby when it comes to eating or trying on different food items, earlier I only used to give her steamed fruits/veggies or anything puree form but lately I started to notice she loves solids, like actual solid to chew on and eat by herself. BABY CHAIR played a very good role in that, as every time we put her into the chair she knows it's meal time and after a few bites she wants to be left on her own, even though she throws some on the floor (she's so good at it) I feel happy looking at her eating on her own and behaving like a grown up.

Teething scares lot of mommies - for the symptoms it comes with but I guess it't not that big of a thing when you see the pros of it. I have been asked by many of my friends about when to start solids or what kind of solids I prepare for Nia , so I just though of sharing them through this post if it does help.

Her daily meals include - Cereal, fruits, vegetables, cooked rice, baby biscuits and milk of course. She also loves eating boiled potato with curd and fresh orange juice is her happiness !!

Mashed banana - love of her life !!

Fruits -  boiled/steamed plain or with yogurt

Try adding a few drops of honey to 1 or 2 of the meals....It helps creating taste !!

Last weekend we went baby shopping, as Nia turned 10 month old on 6th of May, so we took her to baby spa for massage and swimming, clothes and toys were just a bonus (coz her mommy loves too).

Below are the pictures of all I got from Next and H&M - two of my fav stores for her recently.

Which is your fav baby store to shop at ??

Hoping it does not rain today unlike the whole week and I could get a shoot done, with a lunch date with hubby !!

Have a great weekend..
xx, Kanchan