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26 May 2017

Face and Eyes.....

Hello lovelies, today I am talking about a face and an eye cream that I have been using for past few months. I have been asked about this quite a lot and so I just decided to share my experience of using them to help you pick the right one for your skin.

Estee Lauder as we all know is a huge name when it comes to skincare with their Advanced Night Repair being a best-seller and famous amongst women. I have also tried their night cream which was quite hydrating and nice but a bit pricey.
So this time around I was in Sephora looking for a moisturizer as mine was finished and I really wanted to try out something new from a different brand than my usual one. The girl at the counter showed me this Crescent white cream and told me it was good too which made me buy it. My concern is basically - hydration and brightening so I do not buy the Anti - ageing stuff as of now.

Claims - Fast absorption, brightening formula, prevention of dark spots and improve hydration.

Review - I feel the texture is quite thick, it is milky as it says but I felt my skin becoming too oily everytime I applied it and sweaty T-zone. I had to do my makeup afterwards and felt so sticky on my face that I wish I  could skip that step, but it's a must. As to improving skin tone - I did not feel any difference  at all, have used it for over 5 months now (Of course I won't throw it) but the only job it does is to keep my skin hydrated and the job of a normal moisturizer.

It is pricey, so I would not advise you to buy it before testing it out for your skin. There are many other options and brands to find a good face cream.

L'occitane - a brand that promises to be the best and delivers some really good skincare range of products. I have wanted to try out their eye cream for a long time and I had to buy it to try it.

Again a little expensive if you compare to drugstore brands but delivering what it is supposed to be.
It has a very light texture, nice fragrance and it is totally hydrating. I have used this for a long time and it just got empty last week, so Yeah gonna have to get another one.
What I love about L'occitane is that their range is always infused with are to find flowers which makes the product smell really good.

This eye cream is made with a flower called "IMMORTELLE" which has an exceptional longevity, and does not fade even after being picked. In order to guarantee the highest quality and traceability of this golden flower L'occitane has invested in the very first large scale, sustainable and organic plantation program in Corsica.
The oils of this flower are rich in active molecules that deliver unique anti-aging results.

Review - hydrating, smells amazing, priced average so I can definitely buy it again.