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1 May 2017

Cafe de la paix....

In the heart of Paris - I came across this beautiful cafe which was built years ago with the most amazing menu of Coffee, Wines and Beers, now a famous must-visit place by tourists.
I am a coffee-lover by choice and how much I love exploring new-cafe's is not hidden by those who know me well, so while I was in Paris I definitely would not have missed paying a visit to the most talked about cafe in town - CAFE DE LA PAIX  !!

If you happen to visit Paris, you might wanna check this place out for the beautiful architecture, interior and food. I wish I had another chance to go there, but time was a constraint so I am gonna make sure I have my lunch or dinner at this place the next trip to Paris.

I had ordered a chocolate drink with lots of whipped cream, some fries and he ordered a German beer with a club sandwich, I enjoyed my drink to the core and Yogis's face could show how much he loved the drink he had.

Have you been to this cafe before ??

I am in Singapore for the next two days with family and while he is busy working me n Nia are going to explore some shops and cafe's, so before she wakes up from her first nap of the morning I better finish up my work. See you on Instagram later - SAPPHIREZIVA it is all about Nia and her naughty tricks to win my heart over and over again.

Have a great week ahead.
xx, Kanchan


  1. gorgeous plce! these pics sound yummy
    new brand review on my blog ---> Naj-Oleari status symbol 80s <---
    have an happy day, kisses

  2. wow, this place looks so charming!