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26 April 2017

Peacock dress.....

I had no idea Goa would be so damn hot that I could not even put on a pair of jeans and tee-shirt so the next morning me n Adi (my younger brother) hired a a scooter to get me a beach dress just as cool to fight the sun. So we walked a bit from our hotel and found 2-3 stops where people could rent out bikes/scooters or cars but made the deal on a licensed shop. Adi as usual forgot his wallet at the room, so he left back to get his license and those 10 minutes of waiting got me half tanned already and I was wondering what was about to happen when we actually drive bare hands and face under that burning sky.

My maps were not working due to network issues so we just kept asking people in between to reach a beach which was supposed to be really good for shopping, first stop was a fuel pump, second was a shack for some lunch and third finally was the place where I found this cute dress at. I don't know which fabric it is but it surely was better than other clothes I had packed up, and though I am not very good at bargaining, I got the lady sell it to me some 50 bucks less of it's actual cost.

Very happy and relieved coz I did shop a few more clothes and a pair of colorful slippers for the beach, we left back for our resort and to my Freaking Surprise I saw that dress on about more than 5 street shops at different spots.....AARRRGGGHHHH

My choice has always been unique and different from others, but this time I was wrong (but hey I loved that dress so much) !! So what if some other blond will be wearing it to a club and a girl might be wearing it at the same time as me on some other beach, I feel pretty in it and hence let's shoot.....

My little beach babe :)

Nia's tutu swimsuit : Mothercare similar (here), (here) and (here)
My dress : Street shop :)

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xo, Kanchan