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22 March 2017

Desi vibes.....

Not being able to write that often and shoot is disturbing for me as well, but when you visit your family after an year and a half - you gotta be prepared for this. I am traveling, working and paying all the attention to Nia so she handles these changing -  places, temperatures and people well.
She is the most important part of my life and means everything to me, I am so happy and proud to see her grow up in a pretty girl, even though she is a baby. I already see a little fashionista in her and love playing dress up with her.
We are missing daddy a lot, thanks to face time for letting the distance come in between !!
Here is the look I shot for Holi when you have to look all Indian and traditional in a suit and the matching bangles. I love these jutti's that I bought on my way to Rishikesh a week ago, aren't those pom poms cute ????

How's your week going on ?? I am spending all my time with Nia and seeing her all new stunts and struggle to stand without support, which she manages (10 secconds for now) and words that she blabbers all day....Music to my ears .... She is mostly sayinh - NAHI aka NO in English. Wonder where she learnt that from....

Are you following me on Instagram to see her in action, if not click here -  SAPPHIREZIVA !!

Thank you fro stopping by.
xx, Kanchan


  1. You are so beautiful! Love your outfit!

  2. Great outfit and beautiful photos :)