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21 February 2017

The city of love.....

Paris stole my heart right after I landed in the city, every building or monument was beautiful and architectural. I was happy to be there and spend the new year's eve with my little family, but more than that I was excited to wander around the city, click lots of photos, see every possible place I can, eat the best of Italian food, shop the luxury brands and do as many shoots I can.

The weather was really cold and freezing the day we landed, the temperature was some 5 degrees but I was relived that I had brought our warmers and enough jackets to keep us cozy. Being the festive season of Christmas everything seemed even more colorful, bright and pretty. We had our short itinerary planned for the coming 4 days in Paris, which included my list of shops, streets and cafe's as well.

We did not take photos near the Eiffel Tower thinking it to be near to our hotel, and could have been covered anytime later, but we had no freaking idea as to what was coming. The temperature dropped everyday until -3 degrees and one fine morning the tower was half invisible. Yes, I actually used to click photos of it every morning we used to leave the hotel and on the day we really wanted to shoot there - it was barely visible.....Worst I could have imagined !!
I just kept telling myself to be calm and happy about the fact that I will be returning to Paris much sooner now....

I am sharing all the photos that I clicked in my phone or the camera, and the clarity will not be that good because it was foggy, windy and minus sunlight mostly.

Can you spot the tower ?

I loved everything about Paris - streets, houses, language, food, shopping, weather and most of all just the feeling of being there. I can never get enough of Paris and I know it for sure, in fact I loved the way each house was built with a giant door and a security system so the person could only enter his house and floor and not the other. The pubs and restaurants were open until late, the only thing that bothered us was the small space in them, people could literally hear what the person on other table is eating or talking about. The worst part - we could not eat at a restaurant because they did not have enough space to keep the baby stroller...Seriously !!

Visiting Paris in Summers is on my wish list now and eat some more french food, specially the French Onion Soup which happened to be my favorite.

One of the most amazing places you don't want to miss for all your shopping needs is - The Avenue des Champs-Elysees where you will find all the high-end brands. You can find the photos HERE !!

The Trocadero - Is a place across the seine from the Eiffel Tower which gives an amazing view and provides a beautiful background for the photos.

Notre Dame de Paris - also known as Notre-Dame or Notre-Dame Cathedral is a beautiful site to historic buildings and architectural heaven.

The Louvre - World's second largest museum and a historic monument in Paris.

Pont Alexandre III - Another spot to capture Eiffel tower. (the history has a lot to say about)

Laduree - If you are a macaroon and pastry lover like me, it's the heaven of all the sweetness. Read HERE !!

Eiffel Tower - Not to miss !!

FRENCH ONION SOUP - Do give it a try or you might regret it later.
And be prepared to eat loads of Mozzarella on not just your pizza and pasta but everything else you will order....Hi to extra cals....

Have you been to Paris before ?? What is your favorite part of the trip ??

xx, Kanchan

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  1. Beautiful pictures from Paris!!! I was there a couple of years ago and it's really stunning!


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