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22 February 2017

Starting solids for your baby....

Today's article is based on my experience with trying out different food items for Nia the very first time. This is the most common query we face being a new mom, and we trust none other than Google on this, but let me tell you all, it is a very sensitive issue and we must trust our doctor more than anything else, no matter how much others(online/books) inspire you.

Every baby is unique and so are his/her daily calorie requirements depending on their growth chart, which we usually know through baby's monthly doctor visits.

Here are a few tips and food items that I believe should be tried out for the very first time and later you can experiment with other stuff.

1. Cereal - Cereals for various age groups are available in general grocery stores or medical stores, which clearly indicate the month of the baby, it's to be started at and what kind of requirements it meets. It is always best to pick up some flavor like - banana or apple , coz hey even we don't like bland food, do we ?? And it is their first time trying something other than milk, so it will take time to build up a liking. Even biscuits can be given to help them develop eating on their own habbit.

2. Banana or pumpkin - Mashed and boiled respectively, when I gave Nia banana for the first time she totally refused to take it for quite many times and somehow after a few trials she developed a strong liking towards it. Made me the happiest :)

3. Boiled potato/carrot - If your baby is now loving cereals and banana, it is time to try out other fruits or veggies for her.

4. Avocado/Apples/Berries - After about a month or so you could start giving them these kind of fruits to you little one seperate or by mixing it up in their cereal. Avocado is tasteless so there are chances baby will refuse to take it if given without adding anything else to enhance it's flavor.

5. Yogurt - This is a must and very important part of your baby's development or diet and most babies usually love it. I started adding it to Nia's boiled veggies and she totally loves the combo. It is best not to try flavored yogurt's in the beginning(as told by Nia's doctor).

Things to keep in mind :-

* Starting solids does not mean you have to or should reduce their milk intake at all. Milk still remains the most important meal of the day and their diet.

* For the trial it is better to give them cereals only once or twice a day, to let their digestive system get used to it. Go with the flow and do not try to push anything onto them, wether or not they like it you would soon know.

* Try various kinds of fruits/veggies ONLY in 1-2 day interval or more and should never be given on the same or the very next day, as it will not be instantly liked by them.
 I have read that every food item needs to be tried out at least 7-8 times before your baby actually likes to eat it or develop taste for it. So do not get disappointed on their refusal to eat a banana or pumpkin a few times, coz I did get upset and took time to understand this logic.

* Water must be given when you start giving solids 3-4 times a day, it is very crucial for digestion and helps the food move down their stomach, also helps to keep their mouth clean. Nia did not take water for a very long time and only giving solids was making me worried, as milk was only given to her after an hour or so, but after a lot of trials she did drink it and now I see her getting thirsty even more between the meals.

* Add butter, olive oil or ghee to the solids, it helps digestion and prevents constipation.
Too much banana can also hold their poop for a day or two, so you don't have to panic rather give MORE water and not give too much portion of banana in a day.

At last I just have to say - this is all that I found useful and it worked for Nia, obviously it includes her doctor's guidelines and I just made my way through it. Everything will fall in place and you do not need to rush in for anything, my views might differ from your's and your doctor might give you some other advise, just follow what your mind and heart allows you to, after all you are the Boss of your baby and you know her better than anybody else in the world.

How has your journey of starting solids with your little one been? Do you need to share something with me or advise, feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to read your opinion and try things other than I have been already.

Have a Soli-day !!
xx, Kanchan


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