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9 February 2017

Love for Laduree !!

When I was pregnant I had all the kind of sweet cravings, you name it from the dessert menu and I had it.I have always had a sweet tooth and it just got over stimulated with Nia in my tummy. One such was the craving for - the whipped cream on the top of my coffee in Starbucks, though I mostly ordered it without coffee but no other cream than theirs would make me happy and my baby kick.

Macaroons became a fantasy and I have heard so much about Laduree in paris that there was no way I would not go there to satisfy my sweet tooth. I strictly told Yogish we would be visiting a few Cafe's on my list , so he kept the time slots free on those 4 days during our stay in Paris.

The cafe has a coffee shop for the afternoon tea, a restaurant and a small bar too. As the que for lunch was way too long, we decided to settle for some drinks and macaroons obviously. I tried out a few flavors there and packed some for home, but let me tell you the decision was not easy at all, they have so many different flavors to choose from I actually went a bit crazy. And just in case you don not want macaroons or are done making your picks, they have a wide variety of pastries which can be gifted in many of their beautifully designed gift boxes. They even have a line of candles, home fragrances and chocolates. What more could you ask for ??

I ordered a chamomile tea and Yogish could not resist on their whisky, after all he agreed to miss on a few things just so I could visit Laduree, so it was fair enough !!

I brought along a box of 8 as he is not into too much sweets, and the most fav of all was Vanilla ,  Raspberry and Chocolate in that exact sequence.

I am soon going there for more, so what if not Paris,  Singapore and Thailand are not far from me :) Yeaaahh

Have you ever been to Laduree, do you love macaroons too ?? Dreaming of the day I ate them all by myself.....mmmm

xo, Kanchan


  1. Really great place, fantastic photos:)

  2. Laduree is one of the prettiest place on the planet! I feel so happy just by looking at your photos! And those treats look soooo yummy!

    Kaylee 🌛ㅣJK's Dawn