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4 February 2017

Day 2 - Interlaken

The most beautiful and chilly mornings I had ever seen, is this a dream ?? " I said to myself after spending some 35 hours in Zurich. I could have stayed there forever if it was in my hands, but I had Paris on my mind too, which was supposed be our next destination.

Room view

This morning we had breakfast at Starbucks (you would how big of a fan I am, if you follow me on Instagram), though Yogish still wanted to eat the croissant and have a cup of chai latte which he loved at CAFE SPETTACOLO. I had the pleasure of trying their festive special beverage - White Christmas Hot Chocolate topped with whipped cream.....Yummmyyylicious is all I can tell !!

After the breakfast and taking a few photos we left for Interlaken, one thing I have to admire is the connectivity and transport in Swiss and how clean it has been maintained over the years with millions of people traveling in them. The view throughout the train journey was picturesque and to praise about, I took a few photos, though they might not be very clear but at least I have something to look upon as memories after a few years.

Inetrlaken Ost was our first stop and I would say the most beautiful town I ever visited during my stay in Europe. The view was none less than a painting that we first learnt to draw at the age of 5 or the one you would find at any home decor store in the world. It is so beautiful, green, fresh, calm and serene, being there in the winters made it even more wonderful with people walking in the park, few with their dogs (most of them have dogs), kids covered in all sorts of wollens/jackets/gloves with ute boots and there you see the snow covered mountains at the periphery. I still have it fresh in my mind and given a chance I would love to visit or even settle down in Switzerland later in life.

We did a little photoshoot and went ahead to have a thai lunch before the checking out a very lively and crowded Christmas Market with all the kinds of stalls you can imagine of food - (pizza,pretzels,thai noodles, ice creams, burgers and wraps), drinks - (hot wine, beer and shakes) and clothes - (baby clothes, scarves, beanies). I tried a cup of hot blueberry juice with cheese fries and some churros.....Yummmmy 

Hottie buying me fries....!!

Interlaken West

Italian dinner...

Nia was all happy and excited every time we picked her up for photos, she basically loved the cold, chilly winds and though she was all red and pink she hated to be tied up in the stroller. But because it was too cold for us, we kept her warm and cozy in there during most hours of the day. After Interlaken Ost we took a train to Interlaken East where I had the most crispy and amazing vegetarian burger of my life at a food stall right outside the station with a hot cup of coffee.

I had no idea how and why time flew by so fast, now we were left with a day more in Zurich and the most important part of the trip was still to be done - SHOPPING !!!

I would definitely advise you guys to keep at least a 4 day trip to Swiss, and if you are traveling alone or without kids you can enjoy a little extra time to each of these places.

Important things to keep in mind if you travel Swiss in December :-

* Pack up your heatech/warmers with jackets/gloves/caps - you never know how cold it gets during the night.

* Be prepared to see the markets closed down around 5 or so, early sunset - so better to plan your meals and shopping ahead of time.

* Swiss travel pass - which will help you take any train to any place within without having to rush and buy tickets everyday.

* Do try their traditional foods - Veal sausage, Rosti and cheese fondue with potatoes. Do not forget to try hot wine and churros too.

* Visit Switzerland for minimum of 4 days, so you can assign each for - Bern, Lucerne and Zurich, do not forget to keep a day of shopping as well.

What was your favorite town in Swiss??I will be sharing my adventures of day 3 in the next post and tell you about the best places to eat and shop in Zurich. Stay tuned.

Happy Sunday
xo, Kanchan


  1. Amazing shooting!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  2. Beautiful photos

    Have a nice day! :)