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26 January 2017

Wardrobe for Europe....

Isn't baby shopping the most fun thing to do ?? If you are a mom, you will agree with me and if you are not, I guess you still would. I always used to be fantasized looking at baby clothes (specially girl's) after marriage and many a times had thoughts of buying them right away, even though I knew it's not on the cards for a long time. So, the day I came to know we're having a girl, the thoughts of dressing her up made me the happiest person on earth.

Many of you wanted to know and see how I kept her warm in zero and minus temperatures, I thought of sharing photos of the clothes I got her. The one thing the helped the most is the set of warmers that my Dad sent us from India, and it used be the most crucial and vey first layer of her clothing and warm socks and mittens that I bought from different stores here in Malaysia.
Majorly I shopped at Old Navy and H&M, because they don't just have an amazing and colorful collection but the kind of woolens and jackets I needed were found there at quite affordable prices.

White beanie similar (here) & Sweater knit animal-ear beanie : Old Navy
Pink knitted beanie & white-grey beanie similar (here) : Cotton-on baby

Socks : H&M similar (here)

Faux-shearling boots : Old Navy

Glitter mary janes : Baby Gap

Cardigan : Poney similar (here)

Cardigan : Pumpkin Patch



Bodysuit : H&M

Top & Trouser set : H&M


Quilted Vest : Old Navy

Sweater : Old Navy

Cardigan : Pumpkin Patch

OLD NAVY -  One-piece similar (here)

Cardigan : Poney similar (here)

Bodysuit : H&M

All-in-one pyjamas : H&M similar (here)

Limited edition : H&M

3-PIECE JERSEY SET : H&M similar (here)

Mickey limited edition Jacket : H&M

Bodysuit : Gap baby similar (here)

Bottoms : Zara similar (here)

Dungaree : H&M

Denim Jumpsuit : Baby Gap

Jeans : H&M

I loved the soft bibs from Cotton on - here and we also got her cute milo pants - here !!
I'm so in love with the photos we got after Nia wore them all, but my favorite would still be the denim jumpsuit and the mickey mouse jacket. I will be posting a seperate article and will share her photos from the trip soon.

Which is your favorite baby brand to shop at ??

Thank you for stopping by...
love, Kanchan


  1. All of this is so cute!! Love those little red shoes!


  2. Replies
    1. The dresses are really cute!!😍😍💙 Especially that panda one!

  3. great post!
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  4. The dresses are really cute,so are the boots!!..Among the dresses the panda one is cutest.

  5. very cute items! I'd wear everything myself (well if they were big enough to fit in)

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