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10 January 2017

Happy 2017......

Happy New Year everyone, hope you all had a great one !!!

We are back from our holiday jet-lagged, tired and settling down to usual routine, but we cannot deny the fact about how much we miss Europe now. It was like a little dream and even before we realized it came to an end with the blink of an eye, of course with lots of beautiful memories and times well captured not just in the camera but our minds as well.
The biggest highlight of the trip - Nia said "Mamma" and I could not be more happier than seeing her calling me out with all that love in her eyes and the most innocent smile she possibly could have given to me. PROUD MOMMY  :)  Now that's all she sings all days long with a few more words from her own dictionary.

The trip was amazing, the weather was perfect - cold and windy, food was delicious and Nia behaved like an angel. This was our first time visiting Europe and we were really excited and nervous too as it was Nia's first time in a flight and first International tour, I was only praying that she does not get sick because of the change of weather or extreme winters, but I was all relieved to see her rather enjoying those winds and not being cranky at all, which led us enjoy the trip too.

We landed in Paris and took a train to Zurich the same day, we were all tired and sleepy, though Nia managed to sleep well through the flight, so she did not have that much trouble. We reached Zurich around 7:30pm local time (2:30am Malaysia time) and desperately wanted to crash into the bed.

I will be sharing more about Zurich and our trip in the upcoming posts, this post is regrading a Cafe where we used to have our breakfast and evening coffee and loved it to the core. I had to tell you guys about it, you know how much I love coffee and beautifully designed cafe's steal my heart, but this one impressed me with everything and specially their croissant.

Yogish fell in love with their Chai Latte and butter Croissant, and I used to order a hot Caramel Macchiato with the tomato,basil and mozzarella sandwich, they have a large menu to choose from so you will not have a problem creating your own fav. Oh, and I just want to tell I had too much cheese on the trip because they use it in almost all of their dishes, specially in Paris and now the question is how to get rid of the fat I gained ????

If you ever happen to travel to Zurich Don't forget to have a cup of coffee at Cafe Spettacolo and do share your review with me. I will be posting more details about our stay and day 1 in Zurich in the next article, until then enjoy this with a Coffee.

love, Kanchan


  1. What a great post dear!
    Happy new year!

  2. Happy new Year! Have a great start in 2017))

  3. Happy 2017! Glad you enjoyed your trip.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. You look beautiful Dear, happy 2017!:)
    Have a good day!

  5. Happy new year Kanchan. I'm so glad to read you enjoyed you trip and everything went well. I've gained a few pounds during this holiday season too, and I just posted about healthy eating :P. We'll get rid of it soon though :)
    Have a great rest of the week dear :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡