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8 December 2016

November Shopping Haul....

I have been a shopaholic since I remember I started shopping for myself (around teenage) like actually picking up my own choices rather than just wearing whatever my parents made me wear.

I'm sure I would have argued earlier as well, coz I have always had specific choices when it comes to clothing, and unique too. When did you start shopping for yourself btw ??

As I grew up I became more focussed and determined to shop for my own clothes/shoes/bags and had my dad as my shopping partner as others usually did not prefer joining (lol). Mostly because I used to take a lot of time and would wander from one store to another for hours and would only stop after I found what I was looking for. But slowly that changed and I became a smart shopper and picked stuff in minutes and Yes, it was still the best and different from others.

Now I have to shop for clothes, grocery, home decor and baby stuff, and most importantly my skin care, which cannot go wrong . I do read reviews and get fascinated by advertisements but I do sometimes pick new brands/products too and experiment with it. And it's rare that I have a bad review of it to share, here are some things I shopped in the month of November - some I have tried out and some are still lying on that shelf to be touched (shall review later).

Below are mostly makeup and skincare products that I bought, but that does not mean I did not shop clothes/bags ..... :) I usually share that on my Snapchat or Instagram if you follow me there you would know.

1. Caudalie Gentle Cleansing Milk

2. Cleansing Face Wash by Marks & Spencer

3. Morocco Nourishing Body Cream by Marks & Spencer

4. Nyx soft matte lip cream in Stockholm

5. Face mask, Lip mask and nail mask by The Face Shop

6. Instant brow pencil by Benefit

7. Eyelash curler and mascara by Tarte ( Festive gift packs in Sephora )

8. Moisturizer by Estee Lauder

9. Diorsnow compact by Dior

10. Nars concealer

Are you using any of these? Which is your favorite of all?

I shall be reviewing all of these on the blog soon, so stay tuned !!

love, Kanchan


  1. Great items Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  2. Woah. What a haul. I'm guilty of being a fellow shopaholic too. I'm also obsessed with that NARS concealer