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6 December 2016


Bathing a 4 month old is my favorite thing to do and my daily morning ritual too. Nia loves to play in the water and has never been scared of it (I'm glad) and she is totally a water baby.
Being a new mommy I am trying out new products and always on a hunt for the best for my baby, and ever since I was a baby we have only heard of one brand when it comes to baby-care and that's none other than "JOHNSON'S".
When I was pregnant everyone in my family told me to buy Johnson's bath line for Nia as it's gentle and made keeping in kind baby skin and what they will love too.
 I was much excited to see it in my mail last Sunday and knew Nia is going to love bath even more from now because they smell really divine. I recieved the new range of products with Improved formula to try out and after using it for a few days I am here sharing my experience with you guys.

I use this oil before her pool time too !! ( Prevents chlorine and harsh water chemicals to dry or damage her delicate skin)

I try to make sure that I massage Nia twice a day and make sure to bathe her only after an hour or so, as the oil must get absorbed to retain moisture. I tried out Johnson's baby oil for Nia and liked it for it's formula that quickly gets absorbed into her skin, and does not stain her clothes at all.

 I never used to believe that a soap or bath product can be non-irritational and the "NO MORE TEARS" slogan could be true. Until I myself saw and experienced it while using the Johnson's baby wash, I had never seen her so happy before, because the one I used earlier somehow made her eyes turn red, and me being new to all this would sometimes commit a mistake, and and the soap used to enter her eyes (not a perfectionist).
I had to be really careful while cleaning her face, but now it's like a magic trick, that I bravely wash her whole face with the TOP-TO-TOE baby wash and she smiles through it and enjoys all that bubble. Now even her daddy can bathe her on Weekends.....Bonus right ??
And you know what, it's designed for NEWBORNS, what more could a new mom ask for !!

Though we hear it is not good to shampoo baby hair too often as it might cause damage and fall, I use the Johnson's baby shampoo whenever I oil her hair, and trust me it's the best being "No more tears" formula is gentle and light for her delicate silky hair. Again - no redness/stinging/irritation. Go try it for yourself !!

I am so in love with the fragrance of BABY WASH, and I am sure Nia loves it too, next up I apply the Johnson's baby lotion to her whole body and even to the face as even this smells so fresh, plus keeps her skin soft and moisturized all day long. How I know it? Sometimes I put it on my hands too.....(hehe)
I also apply the lotion to her whole body before she gets to bed at night and make sure that her skin does not dehydrate due to air-con.

Johnson's baby powder is the last thing that I use for her and it's fragrance makes me feel like being a baby too. She loves getting dressed up and you can see her all smiles throughout.

I would advise all the new moms to be to try out Johnson's classic range for their babies and those who have not tried it out yet, you are missing out on something totally perfect and special for your little ones.
Do try it out (thank me later) and share your experience with me in the comments below !!

Nia turned 5 months old yesterday and I just cannot believe how time is flying by, she has become such a happy baby girl now. She rolls, crawls and even tries to sit up on her elbows, makes all the sounds she can (loudest and melodious),  loves to play with me and her daddy the whole time, enjoys being on tummy and can even hold her own bottle. Not just this but she literally makes effort to grab what I eat/drink while I am holding her up in my arms. I don't know what more I could have asked for, and I am so thankful and blessed to be her mommy and loving this phase of my life with her.

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xx, Kanchan


  1. Haha cute baby!

  2. Great products, I like this brand

  3. That brand is really great:)

  4. What gorgeous pictures and a great brand too!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  5. great post :) have a nice day, kisses :)

  6. Oh, this is just so sweet! I love Johnson's products too! In fact, my son uses their shampoo and lotion too!
    xoxo, Vanessa

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  8. Always my choice when mine was a baby. He's 7 but I still prefer the no tears shampoo for him. Top to toe is an absolute winner for babies!

  9. I remember using all of these products when my kids were young! This post is so adorable. Thanks for sharing!

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