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2 November 2016

What to expect right after you deliver.....??

Hello to-be mommies, I hope you are having a great time pampering yourself and having the best time of your life experiencing new things every other day. It is going to be a joy ride for you and your husband, the best of you can imaging and the best you can ever have. I am sure you might be having fears, anxieties and expectations not just from your partner but your doctor as well, and it's totally normal as we need the most amount of emotional support at this time of our life.

Here are a few things you can expect right after your little one is born, my views here are something I felt and experienced after Nia was born, and you all know I had a cesarean delivery so they might differ from what you would have heard from your friends or read online.

* A feeling of utter joy, happiness and relief that you delivered a healthy baby.

* Proud - of yourself for being a mother and the very first love of your new born.

* Tears of joy and excitement for conquering the pregnancy with so much of courage and grace.

* Feeling of being complete and having your own family, a world that is created by you.

* Tiredness, dizziness and pain due to the energy loss during labor or stitches (If C-sec) that made thi whole process possible and memorable.

* Lower back pain  - really common and is going to be there for sometime, just be strong.

* Nervousness as to how you will take care of the little human you gave birth to, but you will coz God gives you that instant power of a Super mom, and you will not fail at anything.

* Confused or irritated trying to figure out breastfeeding, but you do not have to be as the nurses play a really important part, lactation specialists come and teach you how to do it the right way and make you a pro within hours.

* Sleepy - as in damn sleepy, coz hey you have completed the most tiring job you could ever have, you do need rest, Right. But you know what you are not going to get it once you and the baby arrive home. So I will suggest you sleep well and remain stress free while you are still at the hospital, as you have got plenty of help, but once back home it's just you and your hubby and a little baby requiring your attention and care 24*7.

* Drinking fluids and eating things you do not want to but yo have to - for they are to help you recover faster and rest to help you supply the best of milk to your baby.

* Milk might or might not kick in so soon, for some it does and for some it takes 2-4 days, just be relaxed and stress free and it will come. That's what my doctor told me and I just followed that, and I had no trouble feeding Nia.

I hope these tips help you a little if not a lot, feel free to leave any more queries if you have regarding anything, and I will be happy to answer.



  1. oh, I can hardly imagine, how people can manage this all)

  2. Very interesting post

    Have a nice day! :)

  3. Absolutely. ..nothing better that being a healthy mother!