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17 November 2016

Vest-ern !!

I am having the busiest week ever, with my hubby traveling, my dad and brother leaving back for India, me not able to finish up pending posts and getting late in replying to emails.
With all this on my mind, there is little Nia getting naughtier each day and trying to crawl at some 100mph from one end of the bed to another. I can hardly leave her alone now, she needs my full attention at this point and her cot only helps after she is fast asleep (she stills rolls though). I guess she is going to crawl soon......somebody pinch me please !!

Sometimes the week seems too long to get over, and there are some when it ends with the blink of an eye -  the latter is how I have had it. Weekend is almost here and I feel happy just thinking about it, coz that's when Yogish will be home to spend time with us and Yesss I can nap while he baby-sits Nia :)

Starting 20th that's monday is when I actually have to face some real challenges - first being alone with Nia at home for the first time since she was born and managing all my chores if at all I plan to sleep the same time as her. My dad arrived here in June and now he will be leaving back for Delhi breaks my heart and makes me sad - I am definitely going to miss his company, the way he took care of me when I was pregnant and the way he loves and takes care of Nia and handles her when I'm away.

Oh guess what, she woke up just when I started writing this para, this my 3rd attempt to finish uo this article and hopefully I will do it today. Every time I sit to write my blog, check my emails or eat my meal she wants me to pick her up...Love it is !!

Hope you all are having a great week too.

Dress : Asos
Bag & Watch : Michael Kors
Sunnies : Marc by Marc Jacobs
Lips : Dior

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  1. Great outfit

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  4. aww sounds lil your little one is really keeping you busy. I really admire mothers, it is not easy.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your week dear. :)
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