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21 November 2016

NAKED SKIN - Foundation First !!

As I have mentioned earlier on my Instagram that I will be sharing my fav foundation with you guys, I could not have missed it anyway. I have also written about how I never even knew makeup existed until an year go, I hardly used kajal or lipsticks or may be eye-shadows a few times but there was no "MAKEUP ROUTINE" a such...but YES it's here now !! And an essential coz not only it makes me feel happy and look good but also boosts my confidence at times when I feel sad or dull.

It's my first time with NAKEN SKIN URBAN DECAY  - Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup and here's the review >>>>>>>

Tip : Never try foundations on your hands and buy, always try it on your face without makeup, go around for sometime, wait to see if the color matches your skin tone perfectly and how long it stays on.

So, I had only heard of it a few times, but never tried coz I have been using Maybelline, Mac and Bobbi brown mostly as my foundations but I really wanted to try it out. It is a bit expensive compared to all the ones I mentioned but really worth spending on.

I am shade 4 and I use it over my skincare and it stays really long, even better than what I imagined.
It's a liquid formula, very light and a medium coverage foundation, you won't feel you are wearing much makeup unless you top it up with a lot of compact powder or blush. For me it's a staple product for creating a nude look and I love it lately with my fav Dior lipstick of course !! You can see I have used the same foundation in the picture above , with add ons of course.

I feel my skin looks much brighter, radiant and beautiful after applying this as it creates a flawless demi-matte finish. I am so happy that I spent on it and would definitely recommend it yo you guys too.

Which is your favorite foundation ???? Do share, I would love to try out some other brand too.

Did you happen to read the poem I posted yesterday - GOODBYES  ????

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  1. I'll have to try this product sometime! Sounds great!

    Looks by Lau

  2. Sounds like a great foundation!


  3. Interesting product

    Have a nice day! :)