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20 November 2016


Why do we have to see someone leave?
What does it make us believe?
The relations that we build with our loved ones
the people we meet and see
they create an impression so real
something special was supposed to be
out of so many we have
parents being the first of all
the bond we can neither share or break
promises that never cease to fail
become a part of our life and sail
they give us strength and support
make us happier and strong
but to let them go feels so wrong
I wish goodbyes were that easy
just wave a hand and share hugs
and nothing would ever hurt
but it's harder than we imagine
something that's crawling
deep inside there is a gain
yet something breaks and gives us pain
coz they are not just endings
but start to other beginnings
and a ray of hope that shines
will be framed as a chapter 
on our own book called - "Life"  

Today I am so upset and sad to see my dad leave for India after staying with us for almost 6 months. He has been my biggest strength and support towards the end of my pregnancy when I was irritated and all the times tired, he would massage my feet, talk to me and always put me to ease. He loves Nia so much and have been like a second - mom to her when I am not around or taking day naps, I cannot forget the moment I saw him in tears when he saw Nia for the first time and the biggest smile he had looking at me coming out of the operation theatre healthy and safe, and how proudly he hugged Yogish on becoming a father,  the shine in his eyes of being a grandfather was visible.

The biggest challenge for me is about to begin from today, along with my house chores, Nia , cooking I have to concentrate on my blog too. I really hope I am able to do it all with perfection, though I am still going to miss my papa a lot. I am the closest to him and I feel he understands me the best and is my best critic too, I can never be enough thankful to him for everything he has done for me since I was a little girl, and now I would want Nia to learn it all from him.

P.S - Daddy's Girl

Who are you much closer to ??

xo, Kanchan


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  2. Super post. :D <3
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  3. Aww it sounds like you have the most amazing Dad. You'll miss him a lot but you're also really strong to face this challenge :)
    Have a great Sunday Kanchan :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  4. That's so special) I'm glad you have such close people and lovely moments!!

  5. MERRY XMAX!! :*

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