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10 November 2016

Diwali 2016.....

The most special and memorable Diwali of our life, we have our beautiful little angel Nia to celebrate this auspicious festival with us. What better could I ask for ??

She is keeping me on my toes already with her increasing activities and naughty behaviour -  rolling from side to side, moving from end of the bed to other and trying the hardest to crawl. I cannot keep my eyes off her a second, even when I put her into her cot she wants to lay at the edges and every 5 rolls she would take energy from her thumb, must be some booster and there she is again lifting her head up like an ostrich, trying to stare at the most difficult and impossible angles and she would not stay at one place for more than 10 seconds.
God, I am loving this time and enjoying it so much, just looking at her grow and smile at me with that innocent look in her eyes, she melts my heart million times a day.

My beautiful you know where I got my genes from :)

My brother Aditya (he hates getting clicked, but he couldn't say no ...coz DIWALI )

My baby NIA

Family Pic after a really long time ....

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  1. Aww i enjoy reading you talk about you lil one with so much pride.
    Your mom is beautiful, just like you. Your family is so beautiful, you all look good. I like the traditional wear. I hope you had a wonderful celebration :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  2. wow, so amazing! love traditional clothing)

  3. Great festiwal, I read about Diwali :)

    Have a nice day! :)