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23 November 2016

Bags at Omgnb

Have you ever imagined what our life would have been without bags ?? How we would have carried our essentials and not-so essential products with us at all times ??? Where we would hide our personal belongings and other girly stuff ????

Hell no, I am really thankful to the guy who invented bags in the first place and then various brands for manufacturing them according to our needs.

But that's not enough, we need variety in terms of - color/shape/size and design and for all of it is here to cater to these needs at very affordable prices.

They also offer a variety of products for home, beauty, intimates and hair-extensions. Is there anything they don't sell ??? I guess no, they even have a THANKSGIVING SALE going on, do check it out for some festive shopping snd gift ideas for your loved ones.

I have picked three bags from different categories which I liked and also attached the respective links for you to choose more from their website.

I am a lover of tote bags, so here is my first pick which is black and will go with almost all the outfits. The bonus being their extra space to carry everything from your makeup, phone to even a laptop. Isn't that amazing ????

Buy this bag here and more such TOTES 

Second I liked is this cute cross body bag which  adds a fashion statement and are easiest to carry. I love this pretty pink color and it's design, you can also find it in many other colors on the link below.

Third and the last is a backpack for those comfy travels and stylish airport look, coz they can actually be filled up to any extent and still be carried without hassle. I will definitely go for a golden bag because not only they look cool but edgy too, and that's what I look for in anything I buy.

Buy here and similar Backpacks over 1000 designs available

If that is not enough they even have Kids backpack and Laptop Bags for men too, so you can even shop for your guy and surprise him too.

Benefits of shopping at OMGNB :-

* Easy shipping methods

* Shipping to most countries in the world - US, Indonesia, Canada, Japan and India too. Find more at their website.

* Returns & Exchange available

* 100% price guarantee

* Live chat available to answer any of your queries

Happy shopping you guys, don't forget to share what you bought in the comments below.

xx, Kanchan

Sponsored by Omgnb


  1. Beautiful bags:)

  2. Great post!
    I liked the gold backpack the most :)

  3. ah I just imagine, with all the things female carry sometimes. how would I drag my wallet, hair brush, lipgloss, bottle of water, mini umbrella without a bag lol :P.
    I like the bags you selected, really pretty and practical. Thanks for sharing the site.
    Happy Thanksgiving Kanchan! :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡