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20 October 2016

5 must have lip colors for the fall.......

Thank you for all the love on my last post guys, it means a lot to me !!

Today's post is about 5 lipsticks which are my favorite presently and I feel are the must for this fall.
I have used them for over sometime and picked up these, I hope you can familiarise with them too.

Also sharing as many photos of the lipsticks I can just to give you the clear idea of how it looks and will that be suitable for you or not. You never know we might share similar choices :)

I have also shared my favorite pink lipsticks on the blog a long ago - READ HERE  !!

My favorite Red lipsticks - READ HERE  !!

Left to Right - Lancome /  Bobbi Brown  /  Dior  /  Givenchy /  Nyx


*  I bought this lip shade last year and as you know I'm a sucker for pinks, I could not have left it once I saw it. It is not matte, but a really pretty, bright pink with a bit of shine and amazing pigmentation coz it lasts for hours without getting faded. You have to use a lip cleanser to take it off.
                               Rating - 4.5/5


*  This is a new addition to my collection of red colored lip shades, my hubby bought it as a surprise gift for me from his work tour few days back. I have always loved Bobbi Brown for the kind of products they make, plus their lipsticks are really well hydrated and moisturising , so I do not need to apply a lip balm or primer beneath it. It makes my lips feel soft, supple and well nourished and looks good too. Lasted for more than 6 hours when I last used it and even after eating meals it was still the same color.
                           Rating - 5/5


*   Okay, so there is an amazing story about this lip shade here, I have always looked out for pinks or reds and never tried out any different shades. Just coz I felt they would not look that good on me as they seem on a model. On my last trip to Singapore for the Olay Miracle Boost Duo Launch Event I wanted to check out this new collection by Dior, as I really liked their  shades when I checked it out online. I had a lot of time so I went up to Dior counter and started swatching all the pinks again...:)
 Just when I picked up this shade and tried it out on my hands, I had this irresistable urge to try             it on my lisp too, and ta daaaa.....there it was I felt like a Princess or a celebrity and fell in                   love with this color instantly. I felt like I was searching for this shade whole my life and it has             brought some kind of magical transformation into my life. I know it feels a bit exaggerated                 but trust me I was over cloud 9 after trying it and bought it the second after it.
  I felt it looks perfect on my skin tone, I have worn it without makeup, and with makeup its                   just a bonus.
  Color of my life baby !!
   Being a matte shade it is not drying at all, I felt it would dry my lips out as I usually have dry              lips and turn more worse after I put on lipsticks, but this Rockstar made me feel amazing, lips              felt so soft and smooth and did not dry out. The good thing, it remains there for hours and                    hours. Definitely going to try out more shades from this new range soon.
                      Rating - 5/5  : ))


*  Not tried out on my lips yet, but Hey it's pink...How could I not love it ?? It has got a genuine leather casing.....what more could u ask for in a lipstick ??  The packaging is to die for, and it says it is sensuously mat but I will have to try it  first to say something about it (The most expensive of all of my collection). Thank you to my husband for picking up such a pretty pink for me. Love u babe


*  Totally a color for fall, looks amazing on most of the skin tones, hydrating and long lasting. Cheaper than all of the above !! Here's another shade which I bought for the very first time and Yep I loved it. Can pump up the simplest of costume or just with a plain white dress.
                   Rating - 3.5/5

Hope you liked my collection, do share your favorites with me in the comments below.

Until then have a great week...
xo, Kanchan


  1. great post... have a nice day...

  2. Gorgeous post! I love lipstick and how it can instantly elevate a look!

    moorizZLA xx

  3. Amazing colour love! The last one is the best for me! :)

  4. perfect post!

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  5. wonderful colour!

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  6. Wow that are great colors I like them. And your photos are beautiful too :)

    Best regards,

  7. All those colors are amazing. Great selection. i need them all.
    Have a lolvey Sunday :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡