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26 September 2016

St. Regis Singapore - Luxury at it's best !!

Alright so this was my 22nd trip to Singapore, you can almost call it my second home now !! Well,  the only difference being this was more of a work trip than a holiday and I was alone ((without my hubby and baby :(  )) Yesssss I missed them both terribly  .........

I was invited by Olay for the launch of their new product (I will be sharing a seperate post on that) for a 1night two day stay at St. Regis Singapore. I had never earlier been to this hotel and was blown away by their hospitality and services.

It is located at Tanglin road, which is about 10-15minutes walk from Orchard road with beautiful interiors and everything else, in fact there is nothing I did not like about my stay over there.

As I got down from the bus, there was a guy greeting me politely and I was handed over an envelope with my name on it while I sat in their bar sipping water (whole group was told to wait for some 5 minutes while they got our luggage down and arranged for our check in) , which had my room key inside it. I was really excited and was planning on to get a little nap before getting ready for the event but we were only given about an hour, and that was quite a stress.

So, here are a few pictures , or you can say the only ones I managed to take on day 1.

This is an Executive deluxe room, and below is the description :-

1. 538 sq ft


3. Personal butler ( hell, yeah )

4. Luxurious bathroom

I even had complimentary access to Remede Spa's wet lounge, which I could not find time to utilize, this all was sufficient enough to make me feel like a happy child. But guess what 3 days before my travel, I received an email from them for upgrading my room to a Penthouse room by only paying a little more amount. Isn't that amazing ?? 
I mean who buys a penthouse for such a short stay, but I had the chance to and I could have only if my family had joined me on this trip, but my bad as we still had not got Nia's passport done.    :((

Though Yogish insisted me upon upgrading, I just did not find it worthy enough with myself roaming about like a little ant in a mansion.

I would totally recommend it to you guys if you ever happen to travel Singapore and stay at St. Regis coz you are not going to regret it.
I had called the personal butler once for creating a bubble bath for me and once to get my stuff packed, and trust me he did a wonderful job, but I do regret forgetting to tip him for such dedication to his task.

You might find it crazy but I had gone to Singapore with 1 small luggage and a handbag but I happened to come back with 4. It is because of a few things I shopped for my family but also coz of a little makeup storage box we received at the Olay Miracle boost event as a gift.

Lesson learnt, even if it's a night trip one must carry a medium sized bag and if it's more than a day or two don't forget to carry a large bag.

Do not miss out on reading my next post where I will be disclosing about the newly launched product  by Olay and it's benefits.

Happy monday guys !!

love, Kanchan


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  5. Oh gosh. Seeing these photos are just quite nostalgic! I was an intern at The St. Regis before, but not in Singapore. It was just amusing to see some items that are quite familiar such as the Remede soap bars etc. I'm pretty sure you had a wonderful time. :) Also, please check out my latest travel post: Tokyo Disneyland experience + a few tips. Hope to hear from you soon! ♥

    Love, Airish
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