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8 September 2016

Dealing with the post-pregnancy weight !!

Hello new mommies, is the post-baby weight bothering you? Are you looking for the right diet chart to look fit again? Well, I have a few tips for you all, not very hard to follow but just general facts based on my experience and process of reducing it for last few weeks.

First of all, I would ask you all to just love your body, coz it was no joke to create a whole human being inside you and bringing him into this world healthy and safe. Recovering takes about 1-2 months and it depends from person to person and most importantly on whether you had a normal delivery or a C-section. It will take time and effort to loose those extra cals you gained while your husband went to fulfill all your crazy cravings during the pregnancy (chocolate cake/waffles/burgers/fries).

I have been really worried for sometime regarding my weight and the fat I had put on, but then I also know that the priority for the few months is not loosing weight but eating the right food to produce the best milk for your baby. And we Indians have this weird logic of eating lots of fat induced milk and dairy products to remain healthy for yourself and the baby. I have been given lots of ghee, milk, dry fruits and what not, but then I had to be strict on myself and control on all the bad stuff and begin on the right ones.

                                       Things to expect in the first month :-

1. Sleepless nights - with hardly 2-3 hour sleep for the first 2 weeks and a little later the baby might develop a sleep pattern.

2. Breastfeeding - You will be nursing for most hours of the day, sometime you would not know why the baby is crying wether it's for milk/ or she is feeling hot/cold or she just needs to sleep on your laps.

3. Messed up look - Don't expect yourself to look pretty and perfect all the time, so it's just fine to tie your hair up in a bun and wear the most comfy loose clothes with buttons(Nursing).

4. Eat healthy food, and drink at least a glass of milk everyday.

5. Do not exert yourself too much and take as much rest as you can, and make sure you sleep whenever the baby sleeps, else you will never be able to sleep ever.

6. Discomfort in the first 5-6 weeks and pain, which will take time but you need to worry coz you will be given pain-killers for that.

7. Take all your leftover vitamins, pro-biotics and iron tablets if you have been advised by your doctor, infact I have been told by mine to finish up all, as it is important to not catch any infections at this point as I am nursing.

Second month everything gets a bit easier both for you and the baby, in terms of nursing and sleeping. This is the time when you have also recovered well from the surgery or delivery and you can now bring changes into your lifestyle and diet.

                               Tips to help fasten the weight loss process :-

1. Breastfeeding is the best and fastest way to help you shed post-baby weight and I can say it after I have myself seen my weight drop in mere 2 months of time. You must do it for as long as you can, and at least for the first 6 months, it will connect you with your angel and create that precious unbreakable bond for life.
But I cannot deny the fact that breastfeeding will  help you shed weight faster as compared to pumping, but you just have to find the convenient option for you and it will all be fine.

2.  Pay no heed to the old sayings of having milk ten times a day, if your baby is hungry you are bound to produce milk and it does not need an artificial push at all. I have seen and heard people taking various drinks or cookies to help them produce more milk, but I am glad to say I have not taken any of that stuff yet and it has been a smooth journey for me.

3. Once your doctor advises you can start walking and mild activities to help you bring into your normal routine. I would not ask you to start running on the treadmill or start lifting weight but walking is no harm. It's been 2 months since Nia was born and on my last appointment my doctor has advised me to start walking/swimming or yoga if I want to. And I am so happy and relieved to hear that if not too much I can start with basics as my body had been resting too much and I must bring it into usual form.
Yep, I have started going to gym now...... :)

4. Take lots of green veggies (though I don't), fruits, oats and nuts to produce more milk and avoid too much carbs in your diet. Even rice needs to be taken in limited quantities once in a while, and you can smile for a bonus - coz you can have coffee now but not more than a cup/day.

5. Last but not the least listen to your motherly instincts and follow what your heart says you to do.

Share some more tips with me on how you shed the weight and what was your diet like, I sure need more motivation.

Until next post, have a great week !!

xo, kanchan


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  2. Good post! Nothing better than motherly instict. Getting back into shape is a gradual process post partum. One should never rush into it..Thanks for this post Kanchan xx

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  12. This is such a great, informative post, beauty, especially for someone like me who's never been pregnant before! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you're having a great week so far!