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5 August 2016

June Favorites .....

A few of my favorites from last few months from the brands I trust and have been using for a long time. I have always tried to pick the best shampoo/conditioner for my hair because I have always believed in taking care of my hare the best way I can, and yes I do follow the advise my grandmother has passed on to me.
Earlier I have shared an article on how I take care of my hair, you can read it here - HAIR CARE BASICS and I will say it again for you all to regularly oil and wash them. Recently I chnaged my shampoo from L'oreal to Lakme because I felt my hair drying up during pregnancy, might be coz I did not take care of them while I was dealing with my sickness, the only care I took was weekly hair wash at salons, and a hair spa every fortnight. And it is obvious that the heat treatment at salons only make your hair dry though temporarily smooth, though I did I would not allow you to go for it until you need it for  a function or so.

Lakme k.therapy repair shampoo & conditioner 

I would definitely suggest you to buy this shampoo and totally recommended for dry and frizzy hair that turn bad due to various treatments, I have been using them for over a month now and absolutely love it.

L'oreal Hair Spa 

The best when it comes to pampering yourself with a creamy hair spa at home resulting into soft and silky hair. Have trusted it for years and will advise you to try it too. Thank me later girls :)

The Body Shop 

My favorite flavour in cocktails since I remember has been - Pina Colada and how could I not buy it when my trusted skincare brand released it's range. Love the aroma of it, and the body butter is my constant companion before I go to bed. Go get it of you too are crazy for fruity smells like me !!


The most amazing skin oil I came to use while I was pregnant, a must have for all those who are planning to get pregnant, the best part being it can be used even after the delivery to keep your skin soft, supple and marks free. I did feel the change in my skin texture after I applied it. Try for yourself and let me know how you liked it !!

These are few of the products I used and loved for last few months and have a few more too to share, that shall be seen in the future posts soon. Hope you took part in the FRIENDSHIP DAY GIVEAWAY on my Instagram here and followed me too :)

You can leave your comments below if you would like me to share any specific kind of post regarding fashion/lifestyle or a beauty product, I would love to :)

xo, Kanchan