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14 July 2016

Nia's Birth Story...... !!

Thank you everyone for all the warm wishes you guys have been sending in, Yogish and me really appreciate that and also for staying put with me throughout my pregnancy, I gave birth to a lovely baby girl on July 6th in the morning named"NIA" and we are overjoyed, excited and totally loving the feeling of parenthood. The date was not on our minds by any chance, as last appointment with my doctor went pretty well too. But on 5th morning I started having some pains and a lot of discomfort, which kept on getting frequent and more painful by the evening and more towards the night, so we decided to leave for the hospital when I could not bear them anymore and they became terribly strong.

As much as I loved having my baby girl inside me for 9 months, I wanted to hold her in my arms and cuddle for hours and kiss her for a million times, the words cannot express the love I have for her. We have waited for this day to come and finally it arrived when we least expected it to be and for the best But as they say "God has his own way of doing wonders and creating memories". I got admitted to the hospital on 5th past midnight, and both Yogish and me were getting even more excited as the clock was ticking, the anticipation was building up, the nervousness on my face was clear and happiness on the father to be. He kept telling me to relax and just think of how our lives will be so complete and beautiful once our baby arrives. Just a few hours away from meeting our little angel, we clicked a few pictures and talked about all we would be doing once she is born, and all of us prayed for a safe delivery and a healthy baby.

I always wanted to go for a normal delivery but as I said earlier about god's plans,you never know what happens when. The doctor advised me to go for C-sec because of the position of the baby inside and that made me much more scared and nervous. I had earlier discussed with my friends and heard about their experience with the C-section delivery and had my own thoughts about it too, but thankfully it went pretty well.

All I can say is that pregnancy is the most beautiful experience a woman has the privilege to live and and nothing compares to the feeling you get after you see that cute face, tiny fingers, toes and the smile which is only meant to melt your heart in every way possible. You won't even remember the discomfort or pains you had for those nine months after you meet your little one who by all means is yours and going to love you back like you cannot imagine.

It's been 9 days since Nia was born and I already feel the time is flying by, and she is growing up so fast, I just have to soak myself in these lovely moments with her each second each day of my life and just love her more and more.

Having the best time of my life undoubtedly !!
xo, Kanchan


  1. Congratulations on your new born! I'm glad everything went well and she's healthy and growing. Enjoy this moment with her and your husband. I'm sure it's magical every single second <3

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  2. Congratulations! Your daughter is beautiful! Savor every moment!

    Doused In Pink

  3. Congratulations! This is so exciting! Your daughter is beautiful!

  4. Thanks for sharing this amazing story- Nia is adorable!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  5. What a lovely post ;)
    Mónica Sors

  6. Congratulations Kanchan! :)
    Hope you and Nia are in good health :)