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24 July 2016

Memories for a Lifetime !!

I have heard it a lot but today I can actually say " time flies with a baby". Today marks 20 days since I delivered my cute baby girl and she has given us nothing but joy and we feel so blessed to be her parents. I am learning so much about motherhood every single day and I cannot thank god enough for giving me this chance to be her mamma and take care of her.

We wanted to make it a memorable journey and capture all we could to look upon after few years and relive these precious moments all over again. I am loving this time with Nia, she makes me smile every time I look at her. The first few nights went really well at home, though I thought she would prefer sleeping in dark, quiet and air conditioned room but she turned out to be completely opposite and loves noise, well lit room and no AC but fan. About a week when she could not sleep in our bedroom made us worried, but the moment we brought her into the living room under the fan she slept off in seconds.
 Generally she would sleep about 3 hours until next feed, but since last few days she is much more alert and awake than sleeping, it sometimes is a struggle to put her to sleep, but my mother told me that babies change their schedule every few days, they would be sleeping for hours in a week and then would be awake for hours the other. But I am so proud of her for being such a good girl and sleeping into her cot so nicely. She does not trouble us at all, in fact she only cries for feed or when her diaper needs to be changed, and I have never seen her cranky except when she had her arm pain and a little fever due to the BCG vaccine. The doctor had told us it would discomfort her a little in about 10-14 days of time, so those two days she hardly slept through the day and could only settle when her daddy put her to his chest and cuddled, guess that's all she needed.

I could literally break in tears when I see Yogish holding her, or playing with her or making her sleep, I wish I could just freeze these moments forever and look at them every day, their bond is so full of love, care and the fact that she calms down when he calls out her name. I truly am blessed to have these two in my life and I love them to the moon and back.

So, you new mom's out there need not worry if suddenly your baby wants to play more and wants to be talked or cuddle to, it's just their changing time table, if they would not sleep through the day, they would definitely sleep much better in the night. Just give them time to settle, and take your own time to understand what your baby wants as they cannot express it into words until few more months. I love to see her sleeping and different poses she makes every few minutes, sometimes she would put one of her arms above her head and the other by her body, or sometimes she would put both her fists on her cheeks and smile in her sleep, how can I not love this tiny human and how can I not click her pictures??. But it always disturbs her sleep as if she knew she is being watched or may be she gets scared, my father had told me not to gaze at anyone specially babies while they are sleeping as somehow their sleep gets hampered, I never believed until I saw it by myself and now I agree to him totally. A little advise I would give is, once you have fed the baby and put her to sleep, do not stare at her for more than a few seconds, or else be ready to hear them cry and later just blame yourself for doing that.

Another change and feeling that I'm loving these days is that she completely recognizes me, my face, sound and touch, it is the bestest gift I could have got from her at this point. While she is playing with her grandparents and if I call out her name or I happen to pass by she would cry and do actions just to let me know she wants to be in my arms and cuddle and I love it too.

She has totally changed our lives and made it complete and much much more beautiful than we could have even imagined it to be,we are loving parenthood the most !!

Do you have any tips to share (SURE THEY WOULD HELP) with me or advise to give as to how I can understand her better, or has this changing schedule thing happened to you as well ?? 

Love, kanchan