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11 June 2016


Hey guys, I am approaching towards my 9th month and the appointment on tuesday went perfect, as my doctor told me all is going just as we expect it to be. And only when I thought I am not allowed to go for body massage in my 3rd trimester(old myths), I heard about this amazing pregnancy massage in KL from a few friends. As I'm 35 weeks now and almost towards D- day with severe backache, joint pains and what not, I really have to find ways to relax myself. But all this can be ignored and is too small when I feel my baby kicking and playing around in my belly, and each day seems too long, I get impatient and just eagerly wait for the day I will hold my baby in my arms.

Did you also suffer from such backpain? I usually experience it at end of the day and during my sleep. Though my hubby does try his best to make me feel better by giving me a little massage with the oil I bought from L'occitane 3 months back, but nothing seems to help permanently.
So I finally decided to go for the last massage session before I deliver,  to the very famous Urban Retreat Spa at 1 Mont Kiara. And I can't even explain it in words how good it felt, but first let me show you how the place looked like.......

These are the various awards that the spa has received for it's various treatments and how famous it is in Malaysia. How could I not know about this place? I earlier used to go to a spa near my house in Bangsar, but now I'm pretty sure where I will be seen post-delivery.

The receptionist welcomed me with a bright smile and asked about the details, as I was pre-booked here it did not take that much time. She offered me ginger tea, which although had an amazing aroma I could'nt sip coz I have been avoiding ginger for sometime. I had gone there with my cousin, she definitely loved it and that's why forced me even ask them the brand or preparation of the tea.

The lighting, aroma, serenity and freshness of the spa was well reflected while I was waiting for my therapist to come, I took these pictures for you can see how lovely it looked like. There's something about the spa that makes me relax and just wanna stay there for as long as I can. My therapist arrived within 5 minutes and after giving me a pair of jute slippers to put on, we headed towards the treatment room.

Can't remember the name of my therapist, I was so consumed in the beauty of the spa and clicking pictures. When it comes to me I need to be in love with the decor and interior of the place I visit - be it a hair or nail salon or a spa, and this one did make me like it for many reasons.
Before my treatment started, they made me fill out a form and even asked my requirements and limitations - about the pressure (firm/light), areas to focus on, areas to avoid and general pregnancy related questions. This is such an important step before going through any kind of massage not just for a pregnant women but even in general, as it will make it easier for you to convey your demands, and the therapist can accordingly fulfill them.

As you can see in the last picture, my room was well equipped with aircon, light, scented candle, pillows, a satin pair of shirt/pyjama and a firm mattress.  After changing into those clothes, I told her to dim the light and she started the treatment, and coz it's a pregnancy massage for some reason they don't use any kind of oil, so it does not get absorbed into the body, rather just do it manually.

First part of treatment started with back massage for which I was required to be in a side-lying position, she used light and relaxing strokes which actually made me fell asleep very easily, and kept my mind the calm just as I wanted.
The good part being she kept checking if I was comfortable and if the pressure was fine, and accordingly managed it the way I told her to. The aircon must be really effective, that I had to ask her to increase the temperature, coz I was feeling too cold, even though I was covered with a blanket.
My treatment was for 90 minutes of duration and I totally loved each second of it and enjoyed it to the fullest, definitely taking my parents there soon too, they will sure need it after my baby arrives.

Points to note :- 1. Best Pregnancy Massage in KL
                            2. Well trained therapists
                            3. Nicely priced
                            4. Good location (inside a mall/opp. to a market)
                            5. Values customer
You can have a look at their website here - Urban Retreat Spa and even book for the treatments online, or select from their packages and save yourself some. They have everything ranging from spa, body/shoulder/back/head/food massage, to suit customer requirements, to give you the perfect reason to relax and unwind and to ease any kind of stress or pain that you might be suffering from.

Are you pregnant? Do you need your self-pampering session ? Are you tired from work? Do you want to relax and get the stress out of your mind ? Head over to URBAN RETREAT SPA  and experience what you could only do in Bali, without having to actually go there.
Thank me later :)

Sponsored by Urban Retreat Spa !!


  1. A pregnancy massage sounds amazing right about now. So glad you were able to get one from such a great place.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. Love this blog, more Interested information.

    I have to try this spa. Thanks for advent kanchan.


  3. Looks like a beautiful place!

    Adi xx

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