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14 June 2016

Good news.....

I get up at 7:15 am due to a ping on my phone, which says "mam saya sakit, tak datang, sori", if you have not figured out yet, it was an SMS from my Indonesian maid informing me why she would not be able to make it for work.
For last few days I had been very lazy, sleepy and mornings just din''t seem to impress me any longer. I felt sick and just thought it to be a stomach upset thing until afternoon when I had puked.
We had been planning for a baby, so I kind of wanted to wait for a day or two until I take any tablet or confirm it with my doctor. But the anxiety this time pulled me to the clinic for a blood test and to confirm the news I had thought of in my head.

Isn't it more beautiful when surprises come in, when you least expect them, or may be that's how God plans to make us happy ?? Have you ever had such moments of extreme joy ??
I guess I did when I read Positive on my test report and could'nt be more happier or excited than I was, but I had to wait until I break the news to my love and have his reaction recorded.

He was the happiest as he could be, the whole night and the next few days we kept talking about it, about the baby and his room, though it was too early, but you can always plan for the future right ??

We wanted to wait a little longer until we revealed it to our families, which was only after a month and everyone was equally excited and wished us. My parents came to Malaysia to give me all the care and pampering I needed, and help me ignore my morning sickness and be happy only.

These pictures were taken on 4th dec 2015, which was my 4th wedding anniversary, and we had a great time celebrating it, my parents were present, I had the best reason ever to be happy and I definitely loved the glow on my face. I had already started getting sick in the mornings, and was already allergic to many things and some of the foods really put me off.

I only had avocado smoothie all through my first trimester, and then I suddenly started to hate it afterwards. Heartburn began too early in my pregnancy and can you believe it, I still very much have it and more than any human can take. I have tried cold milk to relieve it earlier, when I had already got a peppermint syrup from my doctor, but I was just always scared to try it coz I simply hate anything mint.
And after almost 7 months into my pregnancy I had the courage and pressure to try that sachet, and can you guess - it became my life saver. It did help me sail through a few weeks and then may be my body became so immune to it and I told my doctor how difficult it had become for me to sleep through the night, and hence she gave me a much stronger tablet last week.
It really is effective and I don't feel the heartburn for almost about 24hours, the only side effect being insomnia, or may be that's because I'm moving close to my due date and have started getting nervous and anxious regarding labour and delivery.

You mothers can only tell me, how true that is and how you felt in your last month? Did you also feel anxious and emotional? Did the slightest of abdominal pain scare you away? Was the heartburn as insane as I have it?? I could really use some tips and advise at this point, would love to hear your experience.

As of today, I'm 36 weeks now, and exactly a month away from my due date and eagerly waiting to meet my little one and have him all by myself. We both are so happy to have this time in our life, I just wish we could have spent some more time together until guests surrounded us. As after this we are gonna be three and more busy than ever.

Until next post, have a great week all of you.
love, Kanchan


  1. Congratulations! Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy! It goes by fast! You look gorgeous in your floral maxi!

    Doused In Pink

  2. Congrats!! And you look so stunning!

    Adi xx

  3. that dress is stunning on you! :D

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

  4. Such a beautiful dress! I love the print and you look so lovely!

  5. Very nice one ;)
    Mónica Sors

  6. Congrats, lady! So happy for you- your baby will be here so soon!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. Congrats on your pregnancy- that's so exciting! You look super gorgeous in this floral maxi

    Rachel xx

  8. The best news ever! Congrats! You look so pretty and happy! Gorgeous!

  9. You look so beautiful in this floral maxi dress! And congratulations to you, what amazing news, I'd love to see his recorded reaction hehe. Can't wait to see your little one in a month!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose