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4 May 2016

Late Post....

Hey guys, how's your April going? We have hit summers here in Malaysia and awaiting monsoon because it has become totally impossible to step out or spend a second without aircons. The pictures I'm gonna be sharing today are from last month end, so that's actually a month ago when I was 6 months pregnant and we had gone for a little outing to the Zoo Negara, not coz I wanted to see animals in this condition but to take my cousin out  for some fun, who'z here from India.

You might be aware of my routine these days if you are following me on snapchat and if you're not here's the username - KANCHANLAD.

I am totally loving this app for it has got some really cool features and filters, plus now you can even video call your loved ones, almost like Face timing. Makes it easier for your friends to see you get through the day and let's you follow your favorite celebrities too.
Actually I find it much cooler than Instagram as the stories stay only until 24hrz and you can just be yourself and talk to your followers and get much familiar with them.

I wore a short blue dress that my hubby ordered online from UK and though the package arrived quite late as we expected it to be, but anyhow I loved all the dresses. They are the ones I lounge around in presently coz none of my old stuff seems to fit me anymore as I am growing bigger and heavier day by day.

Dress : UK online shopping site  /  Shoes : Zara
Glasses : Marc by Marc Jacobs
Watch : Daniel Wellington

I have so many things to share with you all, and I hope get a little more active on the blog and let you know my experience and a few tips for the first timers. At this point I would suggest you preggers to go on a holiday with your partners and make the most of this couple time that you are gonna miss once the baby arrives. Take a vacation and splurge, shop and pamper yourself as much as you can.

Until the next post, have a great week you guys !!
Love, Kanchan


  1. You look so beautiful, Kanchan! I love your dress, the dragonfly print is so lovely and perfect for both spring and summer! I hope you're having a great day so far!



  2. You look amazing! So excited the baby will be coming very soon!