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18 May 2016

Pregnant and pretty

Pregnancy is the most beautiful journey a woman gets to travel to in her life, and it should be that more special and memorable. I am really glad to experience it, all the excitement and dreams that it brings, even the not so good parts -  morning sickness, mood swings and the weight gain, but you know what, it really does not matter or compare to the feeling you get and the gift you are going to receive at the end of it - a little angle who will be all yours, waiting to be loved by you and call you his "Mother".
That feeling of self-achievement, happiness, excitement and nervousness and motherhood has already surrounded me and I am so scared as to how I am going to react when that moment comes.

I keep dreaming of that time when I will hold my baby for hundred times a day, till then I want to make the most of this time that I have with my hubby, being just the two of us and plan to take it all as it comes. I do have a few things to share with you all, which might just help if you too are carrying your first child -:

* Try to drink plenty of water in the day, and keep reducing the amount towards the night.

* Eat healthy food, include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet, though you can cheat sometimes if the baby asks for a chocolate cupcake or ice-cream.

* By now you would know your Hb levels and whether or not your iron deficient, in case you are try avoiding caffeine as it's supposed to affect iron absorption.

*  Walk at least 15 minutes everyday, but do not overdo it. If you feel tired or dizzy you must sit down and take rest. Soon after you are back home, keep your feet on a stack of pillows to avoid           swelling.

*  Quit alcohol and smoking if you have not yet, as it is going to affect your little one you don't want  him to be facing low levels of oxygen for sure.

*  Go on as many dates you want with your hubby, coz that's something you're gonna miss for a while once the baby arrives. In fact take a short holiday with him to a beach or quieter place for that perfect bonding.

*  If you too are having heartburn just like me, try eating your dinner before 8, that's almost 2 hours before you get to sleep. You can even ask your doctor to prescribe you the right medicine/syrup to reduce it. Yes, it won't go permanently as it's one of the symptom that comes along with pregnancy so you gotta deal with it.

*  Feel pretty about yourself rather than feeling bad about the weight you're gaining, because that's all normal and gives you the best of curves. It is important for you to like you more than others, so go ahead buy yourself a pretty dress, go to the salon, and make that dinner date memorable.

*  Lastly just stay calm, happy and positive coz you deserve it.

Here are the pictures from my last Phuket trip, and even an international one before I become a mother, and all thanks to my husband who insisted and supported me to enjoy it to the fullest, even though it wasn't with him.

Top & Shorts : Forever21
Bag : Steve Madden
Aviators : Rayban
Shoes : Cotton on
Lip stain : Sephora



  1. Amazing event. You look so fabe babe.

  2. Amazing event. You look so fabe babe.