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7 April 2016


Heartburn has become my constant companion and another one got added as I am almost at 26 weeks is - Sleep discomfort. Yeah, I'm totally enjoying this phase of my pregnancy where I suddenly crave for cheesy nachos or sometimes for a dark chocolate cake, gaining weight slowly along with my baby, and feeling his powerful kicks just when I am about to sleep.

It has become a task for me to figure out the best sleeping position and it takes me more than an hour to actually doze off. Coming back to this post, it's all about my last holiday aka "BABYMOON" that I went on with my hubby, only after I got the approval to fly from my doc(must have).

This was yet another trip(3rd) to Phuket, reason being the location/food/hotels. I have always loved beaches for giving that feeling of disconnect from the world and how relaxed it makes me feel the moment I arrive there. So, this one wasn't different but as I said unique and special in all the ways possible. Here are some pictures from day 1 and 2 in the paradise.

Hunger pangs stuck us !!

Otw to vegetable carving class(fun) 

Dress : Forever21 /  Glasses : Marc by Marc jacobs
Bag : H&M /  Lips : L'absolu Rouge Definition by Lancome

Day 1 -  After arriving at the resort arnd 7pm I had no patience to go out for dinner(pregger issues), so we just ordered from the room and I luckily got vegetable biryani and chicken curry cooked in nice Indian spices. This time around I found few more additions to their in-room dining menu and some more Indian dishes, so we ordered alot without thinking too much. We had plans to just relax and not stress on any sight seeing on this trip for we wanted to have that quality time before our baby arrives, and that's exactly what we did. We took this vegetable carving class the next morning and learnt to carve a lotus out on a carrot, don't trust me? Have a look !!

Day 2 - Getting up late in the morning was totally on my mind, but my baby had some other plans. So I woke up quite early getting uneasy and woke up Mr as well. Luckily I got some nice sleep after breakfast and we spent evening at a pub near our resort at Turtle village. I had amazing memories of my last visit to this pub with my brother and dad, and we four had ultimate fun playing games and chatting until late night.
Yogish wanted to look around a few shops for some home decor stuff and I too was interested so we hired a car and went upto the shops I had found best reviews of on the internet. The weather was super hot/sunny and humid but - You gotta do, what u gotta do !!
Most of the shops were far in the city, and near patong beach but Waze helped us get through them all. We picked up some amazing stuff for our house, and I saw him taking keen interest and picking up things at the stores, loved that side of him :)
After lunch we reached back to hotel and after a quick dip at the pool with his beer and my mocktails, I went for spa which he never forgets to book for me. I pampered myself during the spa, as I had a terrible back pain, my therapist was well trained while he enjoyed that small nap in the suite.

Highlights of Mai Khao Beach :-

1. Three main resorts -  JW MARRIOTT  /  RENAISSANCE / ANANTARA
I love them in the same order and they all have got private beaches and their own restaurants, you just have to make your own choice.

2. Turtle village - A small shopping/food hub near the mai khao beach by free shuttle from all the three resorts, every 15-20 minutes for convenience.

3. Dinty's Pub - In turtle village with a few interesting games and a wide menu to choose from, perfect for a fun evening with friends/family.

4. Siam Deli - It's a cafe in JW Marriott with a lot of western/Indian dishes, bakery items(cakes/pastries) and drinks(alcoholic/non-alcoholic) to choose from, you can even order it from the room.

5. Don't forget your sunblock/mosquito repellent coz you will need it more than anything in Phuket, not to miss the BEER.

Day 3 - I have never loved living in maxi dresses as much as I do now, to fit my growing belly in them and be comfy at the same time. This shoot was done on our last day in the resort before we headed for breakfast. I can still see that morning sun, beach and this trip flash by in front of me, while I write this post and the moment we finalized our baby's name after going through a millions. Gotta be special :)

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Have a great day.

Love, Kanchan