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13 August 2015

The Blonde Girl !!

Hi girls, thank you for such a wonderful response on my last post, I am overwhelmed and it encourages me to improve myself. I had been wanting to color my hair for a very long time, it's been a year since my last highlight. But it's always a hard decision for me to give my hair a new look or color, as I love them the most, and not just me but my whole famuly loves them. Nobody wants me to cut my hair short as they feel they are beautiful and I am lucky to have such long hair, so I do go for hair cuts but dont let the stylist play with their length ever.
Last weekend I cut my hair at Toni & Guy and my stylist not only just trimmed them but recuded their length as well. I did like it for that time, but felt a little said after I actually tied them before sleeping !! Anyways I look good, that's what my husband said :)
So this picture shows you my hair length until yesterday afteroon, I am not responsible for what you see later !!

There is a new trend going on in the fashion industry these days and that is - OMBRE HAIR, and I was very keen to try that on me, so after a little discussion with my husband I went on to search a nice hair salon for that in Bnagsar Village, it being the nearest happening place around my house.
I saw Shawn Cutler while walking towards the mall and was really impresses by the name, hence I entered and met up with a stylist. He suggested a nice color and explained me about the procedure, understanding what I wanted exactly, I was satisfied enough and agreed to go for changing my hair color.

After about 1.5 hours I got what you can see in the pictures, and I must say I LOVE IT !!
Hard part was to find the perfect color for my hair, as they are insanely black and the end result should be good. As you can see it took two to actually color my extra-long hair as he called it, but he could not stop admiring them as well. They used L'oreal products and it worked wonders for me, I have always used their shampoo/conditioner/hairmask for years now.

I think it was a great decision and one should always try something a little out of their comfy zone, experiment and enjoy life. I did it no matter, how my Mom or mother-in law is gonna react after they see this, because I wanted it. Sometimes it is important to not get influenced by others and take your own decisions coz you never know they might just be magical.

Oh and he is my stylist, the super talented Zein from Shawn Cutler who created my gorgeous blonde hair !!
Love the new ME :)
Let me know how you did something crazy like that, and girls go get your hair colored right away.



  1. Great post dear...lovely pics..:-)

  2. AAA You hair looks amazing, followed you on google+, bloglovin and instagram already:)

  3. I love your new hair. You look so beautiful. Blonde suits you.

    1. Thank u Doreen for a lovely compliment :)


  5. Wow! You look amazing. Love the ombre hair.

  6. Love how your hair is.

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  7. Just wonderful and thank you so much for your support

  8. wow i love your hair! so pretty! x

  9. Hi, love your new hair color. I cant seem to follow you on GFC, it won't show up. Follow me in any social media account and I'll follow back right away :)

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  10. I love your hair color :) Kisses from France, Sand.

  11. OMG!!! Love your hair!!! Gorgeous lady!

  12. Love your new hair !! Gorgeous <3

    1. Thank u so much Sindhura that's really sweet of u :)

  13. Beautiful hair, bouncy curls. You look great.

  14. Beautiful hair, bouncy curls. You look great.