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13 July 2015

Singapore Highlights..... !!

Hi friends, it's been a long time since I shared a travel story so today I finally decided to write about the most loved and talked about country in the world - SINGAPORE !! It is also called the Lion Ciy as it's name is derived from  SINGAPURA where Sinha-lion and Pura-city. Singapore has many mixed cultures and different kinds of languages are spoken here - English, Malay, Tamil and Mandarin, and its currency is Singapore Dollar(SGD) and mostly people living here are referred to as Singaporean.

Yeah, it is one of the highly developed countries presently in terms of infrastructure, education , military or health services which makes it more desirable for people to settle down here. I first visited this place for a mini holiday on my way to Indonesia just after I got married, and I can just say that I was totally mesmerised then and even today whenever I land up in Singapore, I am equally excited and happy to be there.
 So today I am goint to write about 5 places that I feel you cannnot afford to miss while in Singapore and I assure they will set your heart racing leaving fonder memories until forever. It is one of the most organized and tidiest country I have been to till date, the transport is well managed and people are disciplined , the food is amazing and the nightlife is to die for if you have a great company. It was very hard for me to choose 5 best plavces out of so many so I am only going to write about some and rest of the spots can be left for the next post.

1. MERLION PARK - It is one of the major tourist attractions in Singapore as it symbolises name and history of Singapore. It is situated at One Fullerton Hotel almost opposite to Marina Bay Sands. It is 8.6 metres tall and there is a small merlion cub also near this structure which is 2 metres tall. It attracts a huge crowd of tourists during the whole year, it is open throughout the day and a loved spot for photography and wedding shoots. It has a beautiful view standing on the banks of a river with cool winds blowing through, except in summers( it's damn hot) as it has a tropical climate. If it is not included in your tour package which is not possible, you can go there anytime of the day and have tons of pictures taken (I'm obsessed) with the backgrounds. I would suggest you to go there in the morning as it helps to get nice bright pictures, as per the view is concerned you gotta see it at night as well.

2. SENTOSA - It is an island resort in Singapore and one of the most visited tourist spots by a million people in a year. It has a small beach, a sea aquarium, resort world hotel, casino, golf course, the merlion statue and Universal studios. It is like a family holiday spot having something for every age in your family and alot of restaurants. There is a water , fire and light show in the evening which is not to be missed by the kids while the dad's are trying their luck in the casino. It has an entry ticket for all the things I mentioned and its always crowded like hell, everyday feels like sunday here making it more popular over the last few years. It needs 1 full day if you want to see all the things properly and without rush. I would better suggest you to stay at a hotel there only for 1 night rather than staying in the city. Sorry for my pictures and their quality few of them were also taken by my iphone and rest with the camera.

3. UNIVERSAL STUDIOS - As I mentioned above it is built on Sentosa, but I have to mention this place seperately and widely. This is a huge theme park with lots of rides, different sections, food joints, movie shows, 3d shows, sets like that of Hollywood, celebrity lookalikes and live entertainment shows and  cartoon characters moving on the streets at timed intervals. It has a ticket price quite worthy for the kids and adults keeping in mind the entertainment it provides and its open since morning until evening(10-7pm). I have been to this place thrice including the first visit with my parents, second with my in-laws and third with my husband and my brother again. It never ceases to raise your excitement levels with always some or the other new thing/ride/show launched. It has 7 major theme zones namely - Hollywood, Sci-fi city, The lost world, Ancient Egypt, New York, Far far away and Madagascar. Each zone has a different set, rides, structures to take pictures with and restaurants with a nice souvenir shop of each theme within that zone.
If you are with kids, I would suggest you to take a two day pass, and enjoy it at your own convenience rather than trying to complete it in a single day with all the heat and sun over your head. Mostly its hot and during rainy seasons as well, it get's humid, and trust me you are gonna feel tired more than you could imagine after the whole day fun here. It is a must for your kids and there are a a few rides that can be enjoyed by the parents as well.

I do have lots of pictures from my camera in my other laptop which is at the repair shop presently, so I am sharing these just to give you an idea of how the place looks like in all.

4. CLARKE QUAY - It is one of my favorite places to hang out when I am in Singapore, I never miss it when I am with my husband or my family. It is the coolest and most happening place to let loose and grab a few drinks and try around various cuisines from around the world. It is situated on the banks of a small river not very far from the merlion park. It opens late in the morning because it shuts down really late at the night.  It is the most famous hangout place for all the youngsters, after parties, late night birthday's or booz.
It also stands for a litle river boat tour which takes you from one end of the river until other at the Merlion park, so people can choose to get down in between if they want to, there is an audio recorded for the tourists which briefly explains hte history of  Sinagpore city. I basically love this place for the kinds of pubs and restaurants it has, and second for the view it provides of the beautiful Singapore. Must try their cocktail called - Singapore Sling which is a very famous drink invented there and available at almsot every pub you would go to. Clarke quay has a colorful rooftop which keeps changing colors, giving more light on the inside, and it looks like a colorful cluster of small houses in the afternoon very similar to what we see in the cartoon shows with a brown colored river flowing in front of it.

5. MARINA BAY SANDS - Now this place is the master of all you would see in Singapore, a huge 5-star hotel, luxury shopping mall, convention centre and a an amazing casino. You can find all the luxurious brands like - Dior, Chanel, Rolex, Victoria's Secret, Guess, Prada, Armani,Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga,Burberry, Celine, Dolce&Gabbabana,Gap,Givenchy,Hermes,Michael Kors, Miu Miu, Moschino and Tom Ford just to name some and many more that we might not have even heard of ever with beautiful store designs, and the luxurious one of a kind hotel for making you feel like a prince. Apart from this it has a skypark at level 57 which is hotel's observation deck showcasing panaromic views of the city with two high end restaurants. For going upto the 57th floor you are required to pay some amount and then you are guided towards a seperate lift that connects to the bar directly, or if you don't want to pay down there you can just go up order a few drinks or snacks and enjoy the beautiful skyline of Singapore. I have been there for about 5 times until now and I am still mesmerised by it's beauty, Marina Bay Sands is a building designed like a boat on the top of three similar towers making it one of a kind in the world. There is even an infinity pool on the top which is only open to the residents of the hotel, but just having a look at it will make you love it. Kids are not allowed in the pub so you will have to go there once they are asleep. I would suggest you to definitely visit this place for once and it will give you the best of memory ever and will leave you craving for Singapore much more. Thank me later guys.... :)

These are the pictures taken by me on various trips to Marina Bay Sands, as you can see how beautiful the city looks like even at night, an inside view of the shopping mall, the Singapore eye view from the top in the daytime, the buildings architecture and Louis Vuitton store which I clicked beacuse of it's creative visuals.
I hope you enjoy reading it and it helped you a little on planning your trip to Singapore soon, until next time I will be back with a new travel story.
Have a great week !!

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